Monday, November 15, 2010

A Contest!

Do you want the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors delivered to you completely for FREE?  'Cause I have an extra and I'm giving it away!  I will choose a winner at Random from the correct answers to the following question:  How many stuffed "Friends" are there on Rexy's bed?  Each one has some part of it visible, usually the head.  Click on the picture to see the large version. (The Hello Kitty head in the bottom left corner is a pillow, as it the large pink and white item in the far right corner that the pink spotted coat bear is sitting on.  They don't count.)

You can leave a comment with questions - or the answer - or you can message me on facebook.  I will draw the winner on Friday at about 9pm Pacific time.  I will cover the postage and I will also include something made by me - but I don't know what yet.  It will be a surprise!

Here's why I have an extra copy:

Do you ever do this?  I subscribed to Cloth Paper Scissors a while back and was told be the service that it would take X number of weeks for it to start.  I immediately forgot when that would be.  I hadn't received it and so kept buying it each month.  Basically, I assumed that if it was in the store and I hadn't received it yet, then I wasn't going to for that month and so figured I should buy it.  Skip to last week, I'm at JoAnn's and they sell magazines at a discount.  There the latest issue was and I hadn't received it - so I bought it.  Today I go out to the mailbox and there it is!  Sigh.  Oh, well.

So, if you want the latest issue of CPS completely for FREE - enter this contest!


larin said...

I think I found 81 stuffed creatures. I wasn't sure if dolls counted as stuffed animals. :-) --LaRinda

smokeysmom said...

First time I counted 75, second time I counted 73, so I'll say 74 stuffed creatures & dolls:)

ArtSnark said...

I'm going with 75. Funny thing is I know most of their names as my son is into Nick & Ugly Dolls too ;D

Thanks for the great giveaway