Saturday, November 6, 2010

Art Every Day Month, Days 3, 4, and 5

November 3rd


Well, while I am participating in Art Every Day Month - what I'm not doing is blogging about it every day.  I meant to, honestly.  But then I took these photos.  Ugh.  I couldn't get a single picture that I could love on Day 3.  These are the best of the bunch, if that tells you anything.  After messing about with them on photoshop and then having photoshop freeze up suddenly so that I had to close the whole thing down and lose all my edits - well, suffice it to say that swear words were flying about with abandon.  

Today I decided to tackle the editing again.  I just couldn't bring myself to take another picture of this stuff after the 2 dozen or so that I already took.  Clearly, I will have to take pictures again anyway.  Just not today.  I decided that these would do for here.

What this stuff is, is some jewelry that I made.  I'm participating in a Trunk Show on December 2nd (if you're on facebook you can view the event here.)  And I'm going to be selling both jewelry and mixed media stuff.  

So I've been trying to make a lot of things.  I've been only marginally successful, so I'm glad the Art Every Day Month came along.  I'm better with structure.

So how cool are these two pendants?  The one above is purportedly hundreds of years old.  I must say that I sort of doubt the truthfulness of that claim.  Still, it looks old - and cool.  I love the one below, too.  It's huge, 2-2.5 inches in diameter (I haven't actually measured it.)  It's carved from some mystery stone.  It's a mystery stone because I can't remember what they told me it was at the bead store.  I always have problems remembering what stones are.  I guess it pretty much doesn't matter to me as long as I think it looks pretty.  I know it matters to some people, so I should make more of an effort to note what different stones are...but...I'm pretty much a slacker when it comes to that.

 November 4th

On the 4th day I worked on this friendship painting some more.  I attempted to shade the skin some more and fix the hands a bit.  I painted in the faces, but I wish they looked a little happier.  I began filling in the hair on one of them, it's just a sketchy start though.

I also slapped some background paint on three other canvasses.  The middle one, though, is the same one that I put green on the other day.  I was so unhappy with the green coverage that I decided to just cover it up.    I've no idea yet what I will be putting on these next three canvasses, but it's easier to start with a painted canvas than it is to start with an empty one.

November 5th

On day 5 I decided to sketch some stuff out in my sketchbook/visual journal.  

Sadly, I also sketched this poor gal.  Yikes!  She's a little bit Little House on the Prairie, isn't she?  And bitter about it, too!  (Did you know that water color pencil doesn't really erase?)

Okay friends, that's the last 3 days.  I'll write about today tomorrow...

To find out more about participating in Art Every Day Month click here.

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