Monday, November 8, 2010

Art Every Day Month, Days 6 and 7

November 6

Well, Saturday was pretty slim in the art making department.  I decided that I would have to include the apple tower I made on Rexy's lunch plate!  That's really reaching isn't it?

I also worked on photoshopping this picture. This is Rexy's bed.  On Rexy's bed are her many, many, many stuffed friends.  It was originally two pictures - because I don't have a wide angle lens - and I blended them into one. I am sizing it really, really small on purpose because I've decided to have a contest!  But!  Not today.  That's why the small size, I don't want it to be too visible because the contest involves telling me how many stuffed friends you can see on her bed.   I will be giving away something that is not yet complete.  Check back for more details

November 7

This is what I worked on on Sunday.  But I forgot to take a  picture!  I sketched in the woman, but forgot the picture taking part - and then started painting her today!  Oops.  

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