Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Every Day Month, Day 2

 Whew!  I was afraid I would crap out on the 2nd day - but I didn't!  Granted, I didn't do a lot...but I did something.
First, I worked on yesterday's job.  I fiddled around some more with her hair and filled in her skin tones.  I only got so far as the whites of her eyes, though.  Which gives her kind of a devil look.  Or zombie.  Or something bad.

Anyway, I thought I would put more distance between the painting and the camera so that you could see how small the canvas I'm working on is.  It's very small.  Very, very small.  I have a hard time working small.  So why, you may ask, did I put this on such a small canvas?

It's the tissue tape.  See it there on the right?  I love it!  But it's kind of small.  Skinny, I guess.  And I really, really wanted to use it.  But it seemed to get swallowed up by surface area on a bigger canvas.  So I had to go small.  That link takes you to Kris Hubick's Retro Cafe Art Gallery store's Tim Holtz page where you can see all the different kinds of Tissue Tape.  It rocks.  Apparently it goes transparent with the application of wax or encaustic medium.  I can't wait to try it!

The only other little bit of art that I did today was to put some green paint on top of the beginning of another painting that I decided against doing.  Two things were working against this sad little canvas (well, edging into medium sized, really).  First, I was using a crappy little house paint trim brush to apply the paint;  Second, the paint was waaaaaaaaaaay more transparent than I expected it to be.  And kind of watery.  Hmmmm...  Now I've got odd ridges.  Guess I'll have to work with that.  I may have to mix my own green to get some opacity.

See you tomorrow...

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