Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Every Day Month, Days 15 & 16

November 15th

Day 15 seemed like it would be a day with lots and lots of time for art.  Somehow, though, that theoretical time never materialized.  I suppose if I hadn't insisted on sitting and watching "Chuck" - instead of efficiently watching it while doing something - I would have gotten more done.  But I was lazy, lazy, lazy.

So this is what I did while Rexy was at school.  These two paintings got some got some - very scant - attention.  What I did is noted.  Yes, that's the poppy painting that I was working on months ago that I meant to send in to Somerset Studio.   (That's Pam's art on the cover this month!)  I just didn't like it at the time.  I had to ruminate on it for a while and I didn't build rumination time into my timeline!  (not the first time that lesson has hit me over the head!)  Nor do I feel it is done yet.

I also messed about on Photoshop with a new profile picture for Facebook.  I took the picture I had to send in for the book and Warhol-ized it.  I was liking it until I realized that the top of my glasses don't show very much and it looks like my eyebrows are the top of the frames - making it look like I have on giant 80's glasses!  Oh, no!  I also think I should have exaggerated it more, the op-art-ness of it isn't really showing up very well.  

November 16th

So on Day 16, I decided to get my act together.  I worked on this painting.  As you can see, I can't quite decide what to do with the background.  I usually try to get the background squared away before I get started on the main image of a painting - but this time I decided to just give up and move on.  This is a terrible photo, but I really like the dress.  It's looking very filmy and Jane Austin-ish.  I realize her head looks quite large, but that's mostly from the angle of the photo.  It's much more in proportion in real life.  I'm actually happy with how she's turning out - but she's far from done.  

Speaking of the book, there are now some inside pages to see on the Amazon page.  Click on the pic below to check them out!

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