Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Rexy and her best friend, Cece)

Such a lovely post today from my friend Brenda Lynn, it really made me think.  I've been in such a place of scarcity lately that I can hardly recognize anything else.  Her questions are my questions, "How are we going to pay the mortgage?  What about Christmas?  Gosh, I wish I had that!"

It's so silly to think that way, really.  Obviously, you don't want to ignore problems - but it's not necessary to live inside them.  If I just look at the past I can see that things generally tend to work themselves out - or we make them work - and that all the worrying I did before those problems were worked out was pointless.  I have so much in life to be thankful for and it's a shame that I sometimes can't see past life's little problems to see the things that really matter to me.  My beautiful, funny, sweet girl; my brilliant, funny, silly husband; my generous, loving family; my amazing community; my soul sustaining art - these are the things that make my life worth living, the things deserving of my focus.

For these things I am grateful and give my heartfelt thanks.

How fun is this app?

I saw it on Joanne Archer's blog and just had to do it!  You have to register before you can save the image, but basic membership is free.  And you can upload their apps directly to Flickr if you want.  I could waste a lot of time with this site...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Art, mixed media, collage, encaustic, digital, painting from the Melange street team on Etsy

The fabulous Glenda from Two Cool Texans and Glenda Bailey Art has once again compiled a fabulous video of work from our inimitable team. Thanks, Glenda!


Awesome video about Art!

Thanks to Bren at and for pointing it out!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big News!!!

My dear friend, Pam Carriker, (that I have mentioned many a time here) has written her first book and gotten a book deal!  Yahoo!  And as if I weren't thrilled enough with that news, she asked me to contribute to it!  I about fell over from excitement!  Followed immediately by a panic attack, of course.  :-D   Thankfully, she's given me a specific assignment and a deadline, otherwise I would swim in indecision right up until the last minute.

You can read about the book's journey on Pam's newest blog:  Art at the Speed of Life.  If you follow Pam and her other blog already, then you know this book is going to be great!  Hurray, Pam!!!

Week 5 video from the Melange Team

Thanks to the fabulous Glenda, another great collection of artwork from our fantastic Melange team!