Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Last Ten Days...Art Every Day Month (Yes, that was in November)

Finished!  Can you believe it?  I only started it, um...last March?
Well, as it turns out, I suck at blogging every day (no surprise there).  But I did make art nearly every day in November!  Here are the pictures with some bare bones explanations.  I loved having a structure, i.e. the commitment to make art every day, to work within.  I would like to make all sorts of promises here about how I'm going to continue this...but I probably won't.  ( This post tells the story very well in a way that looks very similar to my life..."Clean all the things???")  However, I am going to renew my commitment to making art - and to selling it.  Like everyone else these days, we could use the money!

This guy's coming along...
I used to do quite a few craft/art fairs and I forgot how fun they could be...they're also frustrating, boring, and loooong - but fun more often than not.  My old friend Jen Lawson and I shared a booth at the Winterfest craft fair at Rexy's school and it was fantastic to have someone to talk to. We talked about sharing more in the future.  (She makes fantastic jewelry and I have pics of both of our booths from the Trunk Show we did and from Winterfest - I'll put them in a later post, I think we have enough pictures for this one!)

Just a few changes; adding eyes, polishing,etc
Speaking of pictures of my booths.  That is where I got many of my photos for this post.  Can you believe I forgot to photograph the finished pieces???  So I took some pictures at the shows and cropped them.  That is why the focus is so questionable on many of them.  Especially this one.  It was the first thing I sold at the trunk show, so I didn't get a chance to take a better picture.  
Well, it's impossible to see, but I added the words, "Sing to me of Friendship, Laughter, and Love."
 So, this is the last ten days of November - and December 1st (the trunk show was on the 2nd).  I really enjoyed it and I want to thank Leah Kolidas of Creative Every Day for the challenge.  Thanks, Leah!!!

I changed something here - her mouth?

This is just me using up paint that was on my palette.  I've no idea what I'm going to do with it.
The prize in progress

The prize completed as seen in previous post.

The price wrapped for mailing to Midwestie Lady

 So, me making all that art gave Rexy the jones and she decided to delve into her watercolors.  The little paitings here are a collaboration between the two of us.

Finally finished, I added the caption "Admire the Beauty Around You.

This one is sort of finished, I'm not really satisfied with it, I think it looks a little bare. The words on the icing are "Eat Cake."

I added the word "Explore" to this, even though I have declared it finished...I can see more fiddling around with it coming down the pike.

(I've had this one laying about for quite a while.  I added the words, "feel at home" to the tree...more will probably happen.  Our neighbor had cute felt garland decorating her booth - that's the red circles in the upper left.

I've had this one for quite a while, too.  It never felt complete.  I worked on the face of the girl , softened it up, softened her hair color, darkened the background.  I liked it much better after that.

I like his tail, it kind of looks like a cape in the wind.

"Dream Your Life, Paint Your Dream" is an adaption of a Vincent Van Gogh quote, "First I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams."

Worst photograph ever!  I completely forgot to photograph this pair of earrings, so I just  cropped a larger photo of my booth.

These I managed to take off the display stand and photograph,  but it's still a bad photo!

This is a collage I did a long time ago for Nancy Baumiller's weekly challenge - what's it called?  I can't remember right now.  Anyway it was always a little bare to me, so I added the fanciful houses.  I guess it was the right thing to do, because it sold!

Wow, making the background dark on this really changed it, huh?  Still a work in progress.  Maybe I'll be done with this before Rexy graduates from college...maybe.