Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Street Fair report

(My Polka Dot House)

These are some of the new things I took to the street fair. The Mill Creek Street Fair, to be specific. Sigh... It was not that successful. So disappointing, I usually do well at that sort of thing. I worked, worked, worked like crazy to build up my inventory...and hardly sold any paintings or collages. Sigh. Sold lots of $3 cards, though.

(You Take the Cake!)

I just love those cake collages that people make, so I though I would try my hand at a mixed media cake. I loved how it turned out! I loved it so much, I made a little card out of it, too. This didn't sell at the street fair - but! I posted some pictures on Facebook and one of my Facebook friends messaged me and said she wanted to buy it! Hurray! And she was local, so no shipping - double hurray!
Remember this background? Well, I finally finished it. I was going to put a coat of wax over the letters on the bottom (you may have to click on the photo to see them well), but someone in the Melange group told us that putting straight wax over acrylic is not a good idea because it will peel off. So I nixed that idea and just left it as is. I like it this way, too. I think they look more like snowflakes.
Oh, I love the little stylized birds! This one is just 3x10 (approx). I had someone ask if I ever painted these bigger. I have tried a few times but I just haven't been satisfied with the results yet. I think I need to get a tub of Golden's paint to ensure an even, smooth coat of opaque color. I have to drive about 30 minutes away to get Golden's, all they carry around here is Liquitex. On top of that I have to break my moratorium on buying new supplies! At this point I'm drowning in supplies and have forbidden myself to get anymore! There is currently only a trail to get through the dining room/art workspace! Partly because my DH commandeered one of my tables to use for a bike build-off - so all those supplies are on the floor right now. It won't be much better once I get the table back if I don't reorganize, though. I got a ton of those plastic shoeboxes at the dollar store to organize my supplies and Rexy's toys. I'll let you know how that works out...

I'm still laughing about the exploits of Rexy and Daddy that happened last Thursday night while I was at the movies. It's a long story but it involved a flooded bathroom, a secrecy pact, and Rexy's claim that, "I can't tell you what happened. It's a secret and I'm practicing to be a spy." Later at bedtime I told a story about Goldilocks forgetting to turn off the water in the bathroom sink because she was so busy playing and Rexy looked at me in wonder and said, "That's exactly what happened in our bathroom!"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Collage Play with Crowabout #42

(Solar Powered Flight)

My first Crowabout entry...and I'm late! I forgot about the time difference. Sigh. I still want to participate, though. The sun is made from the picture of the airplane journal entry, the balloons are made from the individual words and, obviously, the picture of the man. Her belt is from the striped strip and her pedestal is made from the sign and the pic of the checkers game box. (I haven't figured out the macro function on my new camera. I may have to go back to the old one to get a proper photograph.)

In looking at this, I think I will go in and add something more to the background/sides. What do you think?

Lastly...Thanks Nancy!