Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illustration Friday

Words Fall Like Snow

(available on Etsy)

Illustration Friday, this week's topic is "Frozen."  Look here to peruse the art of all the other participating artists.

You know when you're angry and your words come out so coldly, that even your body feels frozen?  That's what I was thinking when I made this.  I almost feel like I can't control the coldness sometimes.

Hmm...this is a cheery post!

Week 3 of the Melange Team's Video Debuts!

Another great video of selections from our Etsy street team The Melange Team. (I just realized that I somehow missed posting week 2 here!) Our fearless, peerless leader Glenda of Two Cool Texans is the wonderful producer and editor of these videos - Thanks, Glenda!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Herb and Dorothy, an Art Love Story

Watched this tonight on PBS. Simply amazing. A postal worker and a librarian amassed the world's largest collection of modern art. I was moved to tears at the end. Their love of art is so pure.

The film's page on PBS/ Independent Lens is here.  The Netflix page is here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear So and So

(available on Etsy here)

If you want to participate in Dear So and So Friday, here's a link to a bunch more people doing the same.  I decided to participate so as to be able to vent my inner snarky-ness occasionally.  Otherwise I get it all over some poor, unsuspecting soul...

Dear So and So...

Dear Earthlink,

I just want you to know I have not forgotten about the lost SIX+ hours I logged listening to your hold music while you determined that you couldn't help me with your equipment and service.  As promised, I consistently tell people what terrible, terrible service you provide and advise everyone I know to stay as far away from your company as possible.  We have had no outages at all since we left your negligent service behind.

Happy without you,


Dear LaVerne,

You are the best neighbor we have!  Please don't move to Texas!  I know you have that new grandbaby, and that's certainly a draw, but won't you miss our weed infested yard and DH's lovely "vintage" cars rotting in the driveway???

(Plus, what if a crazy person buys your house? - or someone who likes manicured lawns?)

We'll miss you,


Dear Driver Who Was In Front Of Me Yesterday,

This is the state of Washington.  Read your Washington State Driver's Manual.  We allow free right turns on red lights in this state.  Just stop, look, see that there are absolutely no cars coming, then turn.  It's not rocket science.

Recovering from Road Irritation,


Hmmmmmmmmm.  Not very snarky.  I should do this when I'm in a worse mood...