Thursday, February 7, 2008


I'm sorry for the long delay in telling you the results of the $50,000 grant competition. My girl has been sick - just the flu, nothing serious - and I've been taking care of her all day and catching up on the rest of life at night. She's never really sick, she's never had a single prescription medication, so when she gets feverish and just wants to lay on the couch my DH and I tend to overreact.

Anyway, I'm sad to say that A Place to Bark did not win one of the $50,000 grants. She does, however, still get the matching funds from the Zoline Foundation. That adds $35,000 to the $42,000 that she raised on the badge - a whopping $77,000!!! Yay!!!!! It's really fantastic and Bernie will be able to pay her hardworking vet and still build a (somewhat smaller than planned) shelter building. Even though she didn't get the big grant it's still a great result and much more than she has raised previously.

Thank you to everyone that donated or told a friend or relative about it or sent prayers and positive thoughts Bernie's way.

And congratulations to A Place to Bark!

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