Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Blog Strikes Again!

For the second time since I started this blog an old friend has gotten in touch with me through it!

The first person, about a year ago, was an old friend who had been the officient at our wedding - Shelley. We've since gotten together a few times and it was great to reconnect.

The second time was just the other day! My old friend Jen googled me and found this blog. Jen and I first met when she worked at a bead store that I often went to as a fledgling jewelry designer. It was the beginning of my bead addiction. Do I blame Jen for my bead-junkie woes? Noooooooooooooooooo. But she was so nice! We connected right away. I'm sure if she'd been a mean person I wouldn't have made as many treks to the bead store as I did. So I wouldn't say it was her fault, exactly, but she could possibly be prosecuted for "contributing to the delinquency" - or something.

Bead Storage

This is one of those big tool boxes with 5 drawers, an upper compartment, and a cabinet below - and it's completely full. I have to shift everything around just to get the smallest thing in it. This is just a picture of the top 4 drawers.

This is an item I made for a swap with Jodi Barone, whose daughter's birthday is the same day as Rexy's. My thought for this is that quote, "When my child was born I suddenly knew what it was like to have your heart live outside of your body." (I'm wildly paraphrasing, I can't remember the exact wording - but you get the drift.)


Anonymous said...

hey!!! so glad to hear back from you! that link didn't work, so here's my email...

louisa is a lovely name, but i'm still jennifer lawson!! too funny.


Anonymous said...

and to think i was going to offer you any of my unused beads that you wanted! i would hate to lead you further down the path of addiction...i hate enablers!

kristin said...

it's crazy for me when people from my past find me through my blog. but it's kind of fun too :)

lovely collage!