Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fab Finds Tuesday - and Blogs that do the work for you...

I know, it would sound so much better if it were Fab Finds Friday - but I didn't want to wait!
100 Great Etsy Artists
First, today I got an email from a fellow indie public, Land of Etsy group member announcing a blog post. I get 900 of these a day because I keep forgetting to change my mail preferences. Usually, I read down the subject list and don't really read very many of them. There's just not enough time in the day to go explore everybody's 10% off sale, you know? (Sorry Land of Etsy-ers, there's just not. I wish there was.) Anyway, I read about every 7th email. Today was my lucky day! I read an email from Anne/lovestreams. The blog post she was announcing is a list of 100 great Etsy artists that she admires. It is an amazing post. She has included the banner and 3 thumbnails of every artist (that's 400 images!), plus a link to each person's etsy store. This was truly a labor of love. She has only included painters, mixed media, and illustrators in this batch (there's more to come!?) and I love just about every artist she listed. Click here to see who she picked.

(One of my favorite Etsy sellers is included in the 100 Artists, Art & Ghosts, this is one of my favorite pieces. It's called "Mushroom Door.")

note: while writing this post, I decided to buy it! Whoo hoo!

Beehive Kitchenware

This store has the best stuff for your house! I'm in love with so much of it I can't possibly post all the pictures. Here are two of my current crushes:

Go look! I challenge you not to find something you want there!


Okay, that's supposed to be a diaper bag - but if it were mine I'd use it for everything! This place has a myriad of colorful, animal-rific products; bags, diaperbags, wall hangings, storage boxes...I love it! It's not cheap, though. Too bad for me, but maybe not for you?


Most of you have probably been here or know about it, but it's fun to look around. I have the link keyed to go to the most popular Art items, but there are a bunch of categories to peruse.

The Cutting Edge

If you, like me, love great paper products (and I'm sure that you do!), you will absolutely adore this Etsy store! She makes the most ordinary things look extraordinary.
One of the super cute tags in this Etsy store:


This person finds stuff from sources all over the web. Fab stuff like these (click on the picture or here for the store) from an Etsy store called Monarch Monograms:

Have fun looking!


Julie Brill Molina said...

Oooh! Thanks for posting these fab finds! I love Art and Ghosts! I have a print from that shop up on my wall right now. I'm going to check out some of the other links too. And thanks for the Archie McPhee tip! I've bought a few things from their online store, but I would LOVE to go to their real store! I imagine it's something to see!

Jodi Barone said...

Love this post! Coming back tomorrow to launch a bit of Friday shopping! The sumptous and elegant journal you made for Gina is on our Zne poetry blog...you outdid yourself!