Friday, February 22, 2008

What is "Aging Gracefully" Anyway?

(this pic belongs to Enchanted Mercantile, please do not copy it as I only have the right to use it for my own purposes)

Ugh, I've been looking in the mirror lately. What a disaster. For some reason the rear-view mirror in the car is particularly unkind. My hair has mile-long, grey roots, I swear. I'm having peri-menopausal acne go to town on my face. Literally, it seems to travel from one area to the next until it hits every neighborhood of my face - and then it makes the rounds again. Perfectly planned so that I have to put the yucky prescription creme all over my face, thereby causing the entire thing to become overdry and get crepe-y and flaky - and create wrinkles! Sigh... On top of that I'm getting those tiny blood vessels. You know the ones, from a distance they make you look unnaturally red and close up they're just kind of yucky. I've been grumbling to myself about this age-related transformation for about a month. Today I visited a delightful blog, full of poetry, and this one just hit the spot. What happens when you live past your plan to "live hard and die young?"
Link to poem only:

My new, insidious addiction:

You just plug in the image of your choice and "Voila!" You have an egg. I blame Chrysti for the enormous amount of time I spent on this yesterday. :-D She introduced it to us on ZNE's Parata di Arte Flickr group.

Dover Nouveau border EggLeaves Egg

Rexy perked up for her birthday (more on that later), and then immediately afterward relapsed into sickness and was sick all long weekend long. She is only just starting to be her normal self. Boy, do I feel for parents whose children are sick a lot or are seriously ill. What a terrible feeling to see my (newly turned) 4 yo just laying listlessly on the couch. I spent much of the last 2-1/2 weeks sitting on the couch with her head on my lap. My poor baby.
Anyway, I should be getting back up to normal speed soon. If you've been expecting me to visit, I'll try and be by in the not-too-distant future!


paisley said...

what a darling you are for linking to me!!! i am honored,, and thrilled that you can identify!!! someone up there defiantly has lost my paperwork... and damn it i want it found!!!!!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

first of all, how were you able to put that comment under "leave your comment"? also, if you know how to leave a special little something at the end of a blog post where the reader clicks to leave a comment instead of the word "comments" i'd love to know that, too!
what i'm really here to say is that i am so sorry rexy has been sick. i remember when the boys would be sick and listless and i would wonder why i ever wished they'd be quiet! cuz when they were, i was sad! lol
hav a FABULOUS day and know i'm thinking of you - oh, and i love the eggs! i'm fixin to go waste some time like you did......hahaha
xoxo, jan

Brandie said...

Hi Laurie,

I am living the whole "aging gracefully" thing... I am just getting into the whole nighttime wrinkle cream regiment hoping to stave of the impending effects of getting old.. :(

I hope Rexy feels better!

Also, I wondered if you could share with me how you add music to your blog?

Brandie :)

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