Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grab and Go Poetry sponsored by Poets Who Blog

From Poets Who Blog, Grab and Go Poetry. For Grab and Go Poetry you are directed to an automatic line generator which you then use as the first line in a poem. Here's my first attempt:

Two Figures of Love Echo Beside a River

Two figures of love echo beside a river
dancing the dance of

Advance again.

Will and thought washing away
In the wake of so much

Want me.
Chase me.
Tell me I’m the one.

The river merely watching as it passes by,
carrying the tears
of ages

Two figures of love echo beside a river
dancing the dance of

I had no art done for this so I used an image generously given to me by Dover Publishing.


paisley said...

laurie, i really think you did that line justice,, and the fact that you took it full circle and were able to repeat the last stanza really worked out great....

Anonymous said...

miss laurie blau?? it's JEN from the good(?)old gary.manuel days! WOW! you were on my mind for some reason today so i googled ya and here you are! your work is amazing, still crafty as ever! let's hook up for a playdate! jim and i have 3.5 year old triplets! if you can stand the noise, bring Rexy to Kenmore for some fun! let me know how you are!!

Gina2424 said...

Ooh, fun, must go try this random generator!
Gary Manuel-that sounds like Indiana to me!

Loudlife said...

Jen - How do I reach you??? I left an email link on the front page. Would love to get the fantastic four together. (I think I'm into superheroes these days - I called yours the "terrific trio" in my blog post!) Email me!


PWB Manager said...

Glad to see you did this prompt. You made a really love poem out of the spark of inspiration from that one line.