Thursday, January 31, 2008


A Place to Bark is still in 5th place! Click here to keep track of the rankings.

This is your last chance to help those saved-from-death-row dogs and cats build a new home. Please click on the "donate" button in the right hand column and donate your minimum amount of $10 if you haven't already.

On this crucial day in the contest, Bernie is keeping up the good work by transporting 42 (!) dogs to their new homes. (driving from Tennesee to Chicago!) In the last two days she has rescued 15 dogs from execution at local shelters. When the contest ends she will still be on the road. It would be a wonderful gift for her to arrive in Chicago and find that she has won the grant. Sweet gal that she is, she has already thanked us all (on her blog) and made peace with the outcome no matter what it is. She even wishes the other organizations good luck.

Clearly, she's a winner already.


Robin said...

Laurie! Please send me an email...I did a horrible horrible thing to your essay...I hit delete to the whole conversation instead of save!! RRRRRRR. Would you be the BEST and send it again? I really want your work in the zine.

You rock.

michelle cook infantino said...

Hello---this is totally unrelated to your post but I thought I'd leave you a comment here. I am interested in the specifics of your daughter's progress and would like to email you personally. For some reason I can't find your email on this blog but knowing how tired/scatterbrained I've been I could be overlooking it.

You've left me comments on my blog a couple times now and thought maybe you'd like to exchange experiences--some of which I don't necessarily post to my blog.

Email me if you have a minute.


Gina2424 said...

Helloooo-I am so exicted to hear that you have me! Squeee! I looked to see whom I have, and forgot to see who has me. Silly. PS-I made my donation to Bernie's cause. I wish it would have turned out better, but it sounds like she ends up with $77k altogether??