Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Give to a Good Cause - and multiply your gift by thousands!

Many of you know Bernie Berlin,author of Artist Trading Card Workshop; she runs a no-kill dog shelter called "A Place to Bark." She takes in dogs (and sometimes cats, too) from shelters that would normally put them to sleep and she rehabilitates the dogs, gets them total vet care (medicine or surgery if needed), and finds them loving homes. She has been known to drive hundreds of miles to deliver a dog to an adoptive family, and to do a follow up visit to ensure the safety of her charges. She names each and every animal that comes to her and showers them with loving care. Check out her blog, the love she feels for our 4 legged friends just bursts from the page.
She is currently participating in America's Giving Challenge. If her badge (that's it, on the right) can get enough donations to be in the top 4 badges, her shelter will get a grant of $50, 000 (Yes, fifty thousand dollars!), which she can use to keep the shelter in operation and expand it to house more animals. Right now she is #5! We have until January 31st to push her into the top 4.

Will you please help by giving even just the lowest allowable donation of $10? If you would like to give more, thank you! It will not help, however, to do more than one donation (i.e. 3 donations of $10 each). Each donation needs to be from a new person with a new credit card, otherwise it will be cleared out at the end and will not count towards the challenge. If you are not a member of ZNE, please include my name in the dedication section at checkout so that Bernie knows where you heard about A Place to Bark. If you are a member of ZNE, be sure to include your contact information when you donate and you will be entered into a drawing to win a nice prize as a thank you for participating.
Thank you everyone,

(And tell your friends, too!!!)


Brandy said...

Thanks for letting us know about such a great cause! My dog is a pound puppy and he is just such a sweet heart!

kke said...

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Eccentricities Studio said...

Laurie, I made my donation ... what a wonderful thing Bernie does for these animals!!! I hope she gets the grant, CHEERING OVER HERE!!!!!