Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ZNE Design Team art, part 1

After a lot of creative block, familial delays, and the usual avoidance, I have finally posted the first of two ZNE Design Team pieces on the Design Team Gallery. You can find ZNE original collage sheets here if you are interested in any of the images used in these pieces. I'll post the second piece later tonight - I have some finishing touches to put on it.

'Till then...


Once Upon A Notion said...

I love your piece for the ZNE design team. Thanks for posting to my blog. I can't believe we live in the same state. I have been out in the garden putting in onions, carrots, peas, spinach and lettuce. I can send you some trillium if you want. Just send me an email with your address - we have them all over the acreage as hubby is a maniac with the weed whacker and chops all the brush down so it can't attack the tree farm trees. I will add you to my blogroll asap.

easyjourney said...

Beautiful Art! Thanks for sharing! xxoo Astrid