Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Funny Haikus and stuff

This is just a quickie post. I got a newsletter from A Muse today and decided to go to the store owner's blog. I met her on my birthday when Phil and I wandered around the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle after I got my driver's license renewed. She was so sweet and helpful and I didn't buy a thing. If you're in the market for stamps, please check out her store.

Anyway, one of the links on her blog is for Threadbared and it is hilarious! Anyone that can post a haiku about Spring and panties and an ode in song to a crocheted vest (to the tune of Styx's Come Sail Away) in the same blog is allright by me!

The little planter pot above is my only find at the "bad" thriftstore next to JoAnn Fabrics. Isn't it cute? I had to make a run to the fabric store to get something for the Fabric Exchange Box at Ephemeral Notions (yahoo group). Why? Because I don't sew and I don't have any fabric here except felt. Since I took some fabric from the box, I needed my exchange. Why did I take fabric when I don't sew??? I'm not sure. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and the fabrics were so cute, and.....? Like I need another hobby! I'm telling myself I'm going to make an Art Doll one of these days...

Okay, let's get off our computers and go make something!


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