Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On Gratitude and other stuff...

I listed an ATC/ACEO the other day - I had such fun making the sparkly wings and little polka dot flowers! It's called Lucky Stardust.I read some things I found interesting today: “It is now known by neuropsychologists that art, prayer and healing all come from the same source in the body. These activities are associated with similar brain wave patterns.”

I found this very interesting because I have always noticed that when I am making a lot of art, some of my recurring health problems abate; specifically, and most obviously, my eczema. While I started being plagued with eczema for physical reasons – I was a bartender for 3 months in 1989-90 and washed my hands constantly as well as dipped them in bleach water to use the clean up cloths – I was never able to get rid of it entirely and now it pops up whenever I am stressed. Sometimes it emerges almost instantly during stressful situations – it’s very odd. Anyway, I put my theory to the test when I got married – I made a whole bunch of jewelry the week before so that I could get a manicure and pedicure and look good for the wedding – and it worked!

I think there is a lot we don’t know about the body and the mind-body connection. It seems clear to me that it’s not that some theories aren’t scientific; it’s that scientists haven’t yet discovered the science behind them. What do you think?

Another thing I read today: “Women, especially, often tend to succumb to the societal script that says that everyone else’s needs must come first…(when in fact,) a healthy family is a mutual collaboration with a commitment to the well-being of each individual, including mothers. In “Gift from the Sea,” Anne Morrow Lindbergh says, “Only when one is connected to one’s inner core, is one connected to others.”

I mention this because the article this came from was talking specifically about making art and finding the time to make art. I often feel guilty because the house falls into chaos when I am on a roll at the work table and I often just reluctantly jump up and make my daughter dinner and leave my husband to fend for himself. I find myself feeling defiant – you know that feeling when you think you’re kind of wrong but you really want everyone else to think you’re right? You know, “Don’t you dare question my priorities, I have a right to take time to do this!” But inside you’re really thinking, “Maybe I should rededicate to June Cleaver/Donna Reed type housekeeping and do this if there’s any time left over.” or “I’m just not trying hard enough.”

I guess I wish my Inner Core was a better housekeeper. Sigh…

On a brighter note, I listed some more doll parts the other day and they’re flying out the door! I always feel so accomplished when my eBay stuff sells. These little hands are incredible. The fingers are totally bendable! I’m so glad I kept a few out for myself to try, otherwise I’d be out of luck!

Ever since Rexy was sick I've been fighting the worst cold and/or allergies! I would think it's just a cold - considering the basic symptoms - but, every time I go out to the car it is covered in yellow pollen. I don't even know where it's coming from. Thankfully, though, her sickness has abated and we're left with just some light coughing at night. I want to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts. They really meant a lot to me. Here's my girl:

Which brings me to something else I read today. Gratitude Journals. I love this idea. I thought I would use my blog as one. The idea is that each day you write down 5 things you are grateful for. I will try to have 5 things I'm grateful for on each post.

1. My sweet, funny daughter who runs to meet me when I pick her up at school

2. My sweet, funny husband who makes me feel cherished and loved

3. Kleenex (hey, I have a cold!)

4. Spring flowers - it's so amazing that things keep popping out of the ground when I'm sure they must have died

5. Art - it gives my life richness and helps remind me what is important and meaningful to me outside and inside of my roles in everyday life

Note: Everything I referenced here today came from articles in the inaugural e-zine from Go Make Art entitled "Transformation." It's $10, I wasn't sure if it was worth it until I realized how many notes I was taking! There's also a nice article in it by Claudine Helmuth about focal points in your art.

Another Rexy photo - I call this the "Art" pic! I was having fun playing with Photoshop Elements as you can see. I guess it doesn't look quite as manipulated as it is when you see it this small. She's wearing her Seattle Seahawks jersey (#8 Matt Hasselbeck - yes, I'm a closet football geek - not my husband!) and every time she sees the little Seahawk emblem she beams and says, "Touchdown!"
Happy Tuesday, everybody!

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Dana said...

Hi Laurie!

Say, thanks for the tips about the bulbs ... if it will help me feel accomplished as a gardener without actually having to do much with the flowers (so I don't kill the poor things) I'm ALL for it! *smile*

I really really enjoyed the notes you shared ... I may just look into that e-zine. And I've read before about the mind/body/soul connection. It's amazing the ability our body's have to heal themselves when ALL aspects are considered ... not just treating the symptoms of any illness that presents.

I also am very guilty of being a martyr for my family. All needs before my own, and my can I sure relate to being on a roll with something ... and not feeling like I want to break for dinner. And the guilt that comes with "selfishly" needing ME time. I'm slowly on learning how to allow myself to take time out ... and I'm thankful that like you I have a wonderful and supportive husband who nurtures that as well.

It has been so nice to get to know you a bit, thanks for sharing your gratitude journal, too ... perhaps it is something I will try tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening, take care of yourself and glad Rexy (she is SO CUTE!!) is feeling better, too.