Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big News!!!

My dear friend, Pam Carriker, (that I have mentioned many a time here) has written her first book and gotten a book deal!  Yahoo!  And as if I weren't thrilled enough with that news, she asked me to contribute to it!  I about fell over from excitement!  Followed immediately by a panic attack, of course.  :-D   Thankfully, she's given me a specific assignment and a deadline, otherwise I would swim in indecision right up until the last minute.

You can read about the book's journey on Pam's newest blog:  Art at the Speed of Life.  If you follow Pam and her other blog already, then you know this book is going to be great!  Hurray, Pam!!!


PCarriker said...

You've been part of my life longer than anyone, so glad you're on this adventure with me!

slommler said...

This is so exciting for both of you!! Enjoy the ride!!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Congrats Laurie!!! That is SO exciting!!!