Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Rexy and her best friend, Cece)

Such a lovely post today from my friend Brenda Lynn, it really made me think.  I've been in such a place of scarcity lately that I can hardly recognize anything else.  Her questions are my questions, "How are we going to pay the mortgage?  What about Christmas?  Gosh, I wish I had that!"

It's so silly to think that way, really.  Obviously, you don't want to ignore problems - but it's not necessary to live inside them.  If I just look at the past I can see that things generally tend to work themselves out - or we make them work - and that all the worrying I did before those problems were worked out was pointless.  I have so much in life to be thankful for and it's a shame that I sometimes can't see past life's little problems to see the things that really matter to me.  My beautiful, funny, sweet girl; my brilliant, funny, silly husband; my generous, loving family; my amazing community; my soul sustaining art - these are the things that make my life worth living, the things deserving of my focus.

For these things I am grateful and give my heartfelt thanks.


Jo Archer said...

Lovely post. We are having the same problem. I can't bear the thought of everyone spending lots of money on gifts that they feel they have to buy. I've warned my family that this year is going to be a homemade, recycled Christmas. I've asked people to go to a fleamarket or charity shop and pick up old books or junk that I like, rather than wasting money on yet more body lotion that i never use!

Simon and the children are less impressed with this though! lol

slommler said...

I too am so thankful for all the blessings in my life. Striving to see the light in all situations is the key I think. Hang on to what is good and let go what is bad. Kids do that all the time. They can get into a fight and then seconds later; all is forgotten and they are the best of friends. Kids see the joy in everything