Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is Spring?

If you had looked out my front window yesterday (Friday), this is what you would have seen.

Yes, that is indeed snow. Snow! In the 3rd week of April!!! Above is my Frittilaria Persica and below is my Euphorbia Wolfenii.

My evergreen Clematis Armandii; this is the 3rd one I've planted in this spot. The first two were the "Apple Blossom" variety because I was determined to have pink flowers in this spot. A plan which failed dismally. When I finally gave in and planted the white flowering one it took off immediately.
And the camellia; this shrub was here when we moved in. It had been pruned into a near-perfect Dr. Seuss-like oval. Very odd, sort of fun, impossible for the likes of me to recreate... I used a flash because it reflects on the falling snow and the snowflakes show up really well - except in this picture. The flash did make this pink look like it was almost neon. It's really a much more old-fashioned pink than this.
And lastly, the Anemones, The Admiral, with their friends the Stipa, the Iris, and the Dandelions. That's the out of control Knifofia in the background.

I did manage to complete another row house for the swap yesterday. How sweet is that tiny compass? I got several when I went to that stamp convention thing last year and hadn't used any before this. It fit perfectly in the round indent on this mystery game piece (anyone know what game it goes to?) I think I may be getting obsessed with compasses - which, btw, I have never gotten to work properly! I like their symbolic connotations; A compass being a tool to help you find your way when you are lost. Don't you wish there was a compass for life sometimes?


jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

First, let me say that the little girl in your "house is PRECIOUS.

And, secondly...............
YOU GOT SNOW?????????????????????
Gosh, I'm sooooo jealous!!!!

Enjoy that snow!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I hope the snow will not hurt your pretty plants. Love the artwork and YES, why isn't there a compass to help us make our way through life..

Gina2424 said...

So glad you got snow and not Indiana for a change, sorry! Love your poetry posts and houses (again). I've got to get blogging on poetry month, but I did post the award and pass it on-thanks again!

Karan said...

I love your art and poetry! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am bookmarking you for future visits. Your jewelry is very cool too!


The Bag Lady's Art said...

How you know all of the "correct" names for your plants amazes me! I have three clematis, one purple and two pink, don't know their 'real' names-lol! The purple I will take a picture of later it is by my big ol' fountain and it gets gynormous (yes, that is a word-haha). I had to move it last year because my guys said it was attacking them when the came in the front door. I can't believe you got snow! I went to Big Lots on your advice and bought 12, 12x12x2 canvasses for $5.00 ea! Total steal as the same is almost $20 at Michael's! Thanks for the tip.

Robin said...

Hi Laurie! I'd like to invite you to play in my Springtime ATC swap. It's gonna be a good one! If you're interested, check my blog!

Also, LOVE the compass piece.

Judy said...

WEll I got to tell you that i love love love the cold.
great song on the blog too.

The Bag Lady's Art said...

Hey Laurie, I tagged you so go check it out on my blog:-)

Altered Kat said...

hope spring finally came.... :o)
I get enough snow, so you can keep yours! ;oP
Hugs, Kat