Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Etsy for Autism Contest and a few more stamps


Here is the promised Etsy for Autism Contest piece. I ended up not putting the words, "Childhood is a journey, not a race." on it. I just couldn't get them to look right on there.

We should have a treasury named Etsy for Autism posted for your viewing pleasure beginning today, April 1st. It is a contest in that the item with the most views at the end of the month wins the contest. Don't let that stop you from buying something you want on the first day, though! The main purpose of the contest is to raise money for Autism Speaks. The head of the study that Rexy is in, Geraldine Dawson, has actually been hired as the Chief Scientific Officer for Autism Speaks. They will be doing more research into causes, therapies, etc with her at the helm. Please stop by Etsy and take a look at everyone's merchandise. If the treasury isn't up yet you can find the items by searching for "Etsy for Autism Contest." that should get you the most results.


Here is what I wrote in my description of the piece:

"Childhood is a journey, not a race."
Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with Autism I found a piece of art online with those words. I now keep them in mind all the time. While I have my eye on the journey my daughter is making, I can listen to what she needs and provide it. When I have my eye on the other racers and their positions I can't hear her.

I made this mixed media painting with that in mind.

I was hideously late getting this done. Can you believe Rexy was sick AGAIN!?!? Gah! In the last six weeks I think she has picked up every little bug within a ten mile radius. 5 times in 6 weeks! She missed another week of school. Sigh...

But! I made more stamps for Crusade #18! Well, I made two and then I carved some stuff on the scraps. First, I made a little bunny for Rexy to stamp with. It's still a little mushy. I could carve it a little deeper and it would be better, I think. Then I made this flaming heart. (More of a symbolic flame, don't you think?) Since my girl was born on
Valentine's day I've become a heart-person. I was never one before this.

Thanks again, Michelle, for a fun project. Time for stencils...


Anonymous said...

Really nice carvings, Laurie! I can't pick one favorite..I like all of them! I also think it's fantastic that you're using your creativity to raise awareness to such an amazing organization!

HeArt Collective said...

Hey Lady!
I was just listening to a radio show talking about an HBO Movie called Autism the Musical. It sounds amazing and is doing the same work that you're doing now to raise awareness about autism.

Beautiful piece. When Etsy is back up I'll cruise over and have a click or 10.


michelle ward said...

Laurie - bravo to you for finishing your piece for the Etsy for Autism! Good luck with it and thanks for bringing the event to our attention. Love seeing the stamps - those lines ones are great elements and that bunny is so sweet. I was never a heart person either....funny the things that happen to us that convert us *grin*

ArtKat said...

More lovely stamps, I like them all! Great contest pieces, too! I hope Rexy is feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

Your contest piece turned out beautifully :) Love all the new stamps you have added but those birdies are still my favorite :)

JeriAnn said...

Excellent art work! I will be sure to stop over at Etsy to see everyone's work. I hope you're able to raise a lot of money.

The heart turned out great -- very impressed by those nice, thin, curlicues.

Liisa Mannery said...

Hi, Laurie.

See...you're hooked! I knew it would happen. They are all great, and I bet you'll end up using the little scraps all the time. There's something about small geometric thingies.

Hey, did you get your extra slab of rubber? I don't see it in the studio but I don't remember you picking it up either. Maybe it's buried on the table. See ya.


paisley said...

the first portion of this the part where you displayed your entry and talked about the line
"Childhood is a journey, not a race."
so made me wan to cry out that life... is not a race... i wrote a very short poem just the other day on exactly this topic and i would like to share it with you here if you don't mind....
the race

this was an excellent piece and i admire your focus on keeping the eyes on your prize and not the other runners.....