Saturday, April 5, 2008

See It Say It Saturday!

See It Say It Saturday is a weekly challenge on ZNE Blogz. Each week a ZNE member's artwork is posted and readers like you (you don't have to be a member to participate) are challenged to consider how this piece of art makes you feel, what it makes you think - what it makes you want to say. You then post your response to this piece on your own blog and link your response (for this week) to this blog post (on ZNE Blogz, not mine). Also, please comment on ZNE Blogz so that others can come visit your response. (You can also include the banner, above, in your post if you want.) If you do decide to take the challenge, let me know, too!

This weeks piece is Tracy Webster's birdhouse that she made for the Habitat for Humanity Birdhouse Auction. Many of you may know Tracy from her store, Collective Artwerx or newsletter. I was really inspired by this piece. First, just the fact that it was for Habitat for Humanity, an organization that I really admire for helping people realize their dreams of home. Secondly, the theme of birds and nesting made me think of the way birds make homes from found objects and how many birds return to the same location or nest each year. How do they find their way home?

Here is my response, in art:

I've titled it, "Finding My Direction Home." I called it that because the piece brings to mind some of the lyrics of Bob Dylan's, "Like a Rolling Stone." (Listed here with intervening lyrics missing - so no one comment to me that they are wrong, okay? I'm merely listing the parts that are relevant to this piece.):

How does it feel

To be without a home

Like a complete unknown

Like a rolling stone?

How does it feel

To be on your own

With no direction home

Like a complete unknown

Like a rolling stone?

If you read about the lyrics, they have nothing to do with homelessness and everything to do with (purportedly) Edie Sedgewick and her obsession with Andy Warhol's Factory. Read out of context, or listened to out of context, they describe a lost feeling that I have read (I in no way presume that I know how it feels) is typical of how a homeless person can feel. Habitat for Humanity works to take away that feeling and replace it with hope and a home.

I invite you to take the See it Say it challenge with me!

If you are interested in donating to Habitat for Humanity, go here.


Tracy said...

Laurie - thanks for featuring my house. I love yours - especially the use of your compass - great!


HeArt Collective said...

Beautiful choice of piece to work with and a touching, thoughtful response... you are a lovely lady!
Thanks for sharing you with us today.


TiffanyJane said...

Hiya Laurie!!! LOVE Tracy's piece and your response is Beautiful as well!! Nice art girlies! :)