Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stranded in an internet-deprived world!

This is going to have to be super speedy - our despised Earthlink DSL is down again - ARGH!!!!!!! On top of that our phone - also from Earthlink - is filled with deafening static. I can't wait for the technician to get here...I'm currently blogging from the local FedEx/Kinko's. We've been cut off from the outside world since Sunday, grrrr...

Okay, enough ranting. Basically I just wanted to let you guys know why I've been gone, post pictures of my ZNE Design Team May Challenge pieces and the spoils of my Stamp Convention vist. Oh, and maybe say a few short words about my time there.

First, my Desing Team pieces: The theme this time was the alphabet and the assignment was to pick two letters and print them and a word off of the acme label site and then use the backgrounds provide by ZNE along with the labels and illustrate your words/letters on ATCs. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I picked C and P and here are my ATCs!

Next, the Stamp Convention; Well, it wasn't all card kits! It was fun. I met up with fellow ZNE-er Jeri Aaron and her friends and they were all nice and smart and funny. They had to leave fairly quickly, so we just palled around for a little while. I found a few booths that I really liked. One in particular had a lot of fun embellishments and zettiology-like stamps and I spent a lot of time in there. They had a lot of Day of the Dead stuff, too, and I bought the cutest little skeleton! Who'd have thought I'd call a skeleton cute??? I could easily have spent three times as much money there. I didn't bring the info about them with me to Kinko's- like their website address - so I'll have to post that later. Anyway, there were quite a few card kits and the like there, but also plenty of things for me to spend my money on. My favorite is the rolling pin-like stamp. It has the coolest patterns - Art Nouveau, Art Deco, 50's modern and 60's modern - very cool! Anyway, here's the picture of my spoils. I clicked on the wrong cookie cutter in Photoshop, sorry for the ragged edges on the picture. I was trying to block out the bad background. I'll try and list everything at a later date...
A quickie Gratitude Journal:
1. FedEx/Kinko's
2. Lattes
3. Children's Benadryl (we've resorted to this to get Rexy sleeping through the night without coughing - it works! Until about an hour and a half before wake-up time...)
4. Flowers


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Ok- I've been tagged
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easyjourney said...

Your goodies looks so yummy! Love the face stamp. Have fun creating some great art! xxoo Astrid