Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On Roosters, Sickness, Dandelions, and Journals...

Here’s some pictures of our friendly, neighborhood, wild rooster. He roams about the neighborhood and visits everyone’s yard. Sunday we heard crowing and my husband said, “That sounds close.” I looked out the back door and there he was on our porch railing! He hung around for just a few minutes before taking off down the driveway to visit some other neighbor…

Well, the end is in sight for this silly sickness, thankfully. I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Friday and they gave me antibiotics. I guess it really was more than a cold. It's the first time I've gone to the doctor for antibiotic-worthy sickness in more than 10 years! My girl has continued to be fine during the day and coughing at night. Last night was the 4th night in a row that she woke up coughing - she ended up staying up for more than 3 hours! Of course this means Mommy doesn't sleep either, so I think it's been prolonging my crud...sigh. (if this looks familiar it’s because I wrote something very similar on the Design Team board)

What's really bugging me about all this is that I have been sick during the few nice April days we've had and I haven't been able to work in the yard. I know it shouldn't bug me, but on top of not being able to plant my new plants or weed - the lawn mower won't start! So the dandelions in the lawn that would normally get mowed down before going to seed have been spreading their evil everywhere - on top of the ones in the flower bed that I haven't been able to get to. I fear a full scale invasion is in the offing...and we currently look like the "bad" neighbors in the neighborhood because our yard is looking so pathetic.
On a happier note, I got my 4 issues of PLAY today and I'm having loads of fun looking at all the eye candy! It definitely made me want to rededicate to my art journal. I was doing well for a while but sort of tapered off about 6 weeks ago. I think one reason for that is that I only have about 3 or 4 more pages left and all of a sudden they seem "precious" and I began to be afraid of putting the "wrong" thing on them. Now I'm ready to break out some serious paints or pens or...? They also sent some bonus unmounted stamps with the zines - 3 free Zettiology stamps, how cool is that? Now that I'm finally feeling better it's time to get back to some creating! Hooray!

My Gratitude Journal:

1. Drinking water
2. Brooms
3. The T.A.s from UofW that give Rexy her therapy every day
4. The fact that my DH is ticklish
5. Glue sticks


Liisa said...

Hi, Laurie. Glad you are feeling better finally. Hope Rexy follows suit very soon.

I have to say I love the rooster picture. At first I thought he was walking on the beach! Had they REALLY hauled a rooster down to Golden Gardens to take his picture wading in the water? Well, when I enlarged it I realized...but I still like to think it's the beach.

See ya.

Neringa said...

Hi Laurie,

The rooster pic is great! (Critters always have a special spot in my heart.)

Also, I wanted to thank you for your gracious comments on my blog.

We are all on the same journey. And like most peole, I have had my share of stumbles.

I really think it's cool that you have a gratitude journal in your blog.

Get well ~ you too, Rexy!


Dana said...

Hi Laurie! Gosh I'm glad you went to the doctor and got some meds to help you get over this illness. It's hard enough when your little ones aren't feeling well ... then to be sick on top of it. And I'm sorry the cough is keeping Rexy up at night, too. Poor girl, POOR MOMMY!

I do love the rooster pics!! He is such a pretty rooster!! I miss ours. He passed on over the winter months ... it was so bitterly cold here and he had been ill ... I think it was just too much for the poor ol' chap. I had to giggle as I thought that last pic was of the rooster on the beach, too ... until I realized that was likely your driveway.

I hope you can get some gardening and yard work accomplished this weekend. It's going to be very nice weather here so we are working outside as well.

Blessings to you ...

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hi Laurie! You have been tagged. Go to my blog to read about it. A fun little bloggin game and good way to increase web visibility too!