Friday, March 30, 2007

Well, here I am and it's still March...okay, yes! I'm still practicing avoidance. I didn't mail out my journal pages today. If I don't get them out tomorrow I'll have to 2-Day it on Monday - there's some $$$ spent. - And tomorrow is looking doubtful. I start my new painting class tomorrow. It ends at 12:30 and the post office closes at one. We'll see if I make it.

I'm thrilled to be starting my new painting class, though! I love oil painting. My painting teacher, Gini Lawson, is just fabulous. Her blog is an encyclopedic account of the artistic process, if you ask me - self doubt, unreasonable hopes - everything.

And...I finally sold another piece of art on eBay! Albeit a small one. A little ATC/ACEO sold last night - my ZNE Prim Style Try piece. I called it "Odd Companions." Making ACEOs is a little bit like making earrings for me. They're small, presumably easier, and I should be able to crank them out - but I have the worst time doing so. I think I expect such tiny items to still say everything I want to say and so I overthink every little thing.
Okay, enough stalling! I'm off to work on my journal pages...

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Shelley said...

Laurie! Laurie! Laurie! I am sending you intense love-waves that say --read your blog comments---reeead your blog comments! It's MEEEE, Shelley Roberts! I am tickled that you are sharing your art on the web!! (There is a piece on Ebay that I would love to buy! I hope it's still available!) Can we catch up???? Please call or email me: xoxox