Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This is my second time participating in Random Tuesday!  Thanks to The Un-Mom for hosting!

First, should my old roommate ever come upon this blog:  You do not have to soak a Non-Stick Pan overnight after you've used it - and you especially don't have to soak it for 2 or 3 days.  Yes, I mean you, Crazy Ex-Roommate.  Yes, I've been holding it in for the last 19 years - what about it?

My husband sent me this awesome link to a collection of photographs from 1939 to 1943.  They are rare color photographs of the era and some of them are just breathtaking.  All of them so evocative of the time period that you feel as if you're right there.

This short film of a poem is beautiful.  This is the same filmmaker who made the Art film I posted about here.

It may be cheating because I posted the previous two things on my Facebook page - does anyone really mind?

(How could someone hurt this girl's feelings???)

Can I just say how much I really hate the next door neighbors who make their 7yo look after their 2yo all the time?  Just because I asked if just one time  the 7yo could come over without the 2yo because there was already a girls' playdate going on (the 2yo is a boy - and a rough and tumble, disruptive one at that) they decide to use the children as a weapon and threaten not to let the little girl come over without him and say that my child cannot come to their house then.  (Seriously?  You think it's okay to saddle the 7yo with the responsibility all the time while you sit at home free and clear?  Not to mention the free babysitting you're getting from me.)  I really hate them.  There.  I said it.

Am I the only one that wants to cry when my child is unhappy?

Here's some stuff I've gotten recently at estate sales:

Happy Tuesday!  Live long and prosper.  
(Yup, stole that one from Mr. Spock.)

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slommler said...

Hello my sweet Laurie! Welcome to Random Tuesday!! You did well and I hate your neighbors too! How rude and cruel is that? And I always felt like crying when my son was hurt. It comes with the territory!
Hugging you