Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illustration Friday

Words Fall Like Snow

(available on Etsy)

Illustration Friday, this week's topic is "Frozen."  Look here to peruse the art of all the other participating artists.

You know when you're angry and your words come out so coldly, that even your body feels frozen?  That's what I was thinking when I made this.  I almost feel like I can't control the coldness sometimes.

Hmm...this is a cheery post!


ArtSnark said...

wonderful piece! great to see you at IF

Nicola said...

I think we've all felt like that from time to tome. Great piece and great take on this weeks theme!!

Nicola said...

woops I meant 'time' of course :o)

pupu said...

:) Very nice illustration.


Beautiful art!!

PCarriker said...

I love this one, beautiful in it's simplicity, you do uncluttered so completely well!

slommler said...

Yes! I surely understand that. Been there!! Nice painting!

TonyaA said...

This is beautiful!
Lots of love to you and yours,