Monday, November 10, 2008

Challenge! Haiku Monday #2

First things first. The topic for Haiku Monday #2 is ...............Change! I thought the topic would go well with current events. See this post for details.

Now on to last week's results...

So I arrived here at Sunday night/waaaaaay early Monday morning and realized that I had not written a Haiku! Nothing like a little Haiku action at 2a.m. on a Sunday, right? So I wrote this solemn little thing:

Dark, mysterious,
my companion, my refuge;
I welcome the night.

Hmmm...a little dramatic, maybe.

Then I decided to write a Haiku to go with the painting I painted today:

My coolness has fled.
I’m silly, sloppy, and loud.
Happy in myself.

(FYI it's 10 x 4 x 1.5 with painted sides - background and dots carry over - I'll be posting this on Etsy when I get a chance)

So! A HUGE thank you to the participants. It's been so fun for me - and you, too, I hope! Several people also posted art to go with their Haikus on their blogs. Please check them out! A link is provided for each person.

From Teresa at Attic Rat:

Too much candy gone
Gooey chocolate fingers
My butt will expand

From Pam Carriker at The Bag Lady's Art:

Angels from above
Whisper words of gratitude
silently to me

From Colette at Dreaming Stone:

Gratitude for love
silent and unbounded gift
Coming from above

From Glenda Bailey at Two Cool Texans:

Reaching reaching up
knowing the answers are there
keep on reaching up

From Kayce at On a Whimm:

Passion in a child
A Paleontologist
Feels it in his bones

( a very sweet pic of her son's well-loved dinosaur book was her inspiration)

And 2 from Gina Smith at Lilly's of Londonish:

Love your Etsy art!
Wish I had money to blow;
Then I'd get me some.

(Thank you, Gina!)

and her second entry:

That Haiku was lame,
Not as witty as I thought.
My muse ran away.

Thanks again to you all. It was so delightful to check my email and find Haiku! Thanks, too, for posting about it in your blogs.

Lastly, this beauty, below, is a drawing that my brilliant child did (I have no humility when it comes to my child, I admit. My DH and I think she's the best thing going.). Can you tell what it is? Its first letter is right there, too. It's a turkey! I think it's fabulous. She did that while sitting at the dining room table trying to draw a picture for every letter of the alphabet. How fab is that? Note its little wing. She told me that she liked my bird picture, above, but "It's just missing one thing." "What is that?" "Mommy! A wing!" Then she laughed like I was being deliberately silly. (Guess I'm slow...)

A last Haiku for today:

New Haiku fever
can't stop counting syllables;
a poet is born.



change is good if it
improves your situation
otherwise it bites

Kayce said...

My daughter (she's 2 - nearly 3) says that turkey is a "pitty one" and that she's going to draw a pretty one too.

PCarriker said...

Love the addition of the hat to your birdie!

Kayce said...

Okay, here's mine.

My tactic is to make others feel better about their's once they read mine :)

Gina2424 said...

Love, love, love your crow painting! Looks very happy-dancing maybe?