Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Short Blog Post? Can This Be True???

I checked out Joseph Cornell, Navigating the Imagination from the library last month. It's the companion catalogue to the exhibition. It weighs nearly 6 pounds! It is so chock-full of information that it's sort of hard to read. It was definitely a labor of love by the exhibit's curator. Unfortunately, due to the denseness of the text, I have not finished reading it - by a long shot - and I just realized it was due Monday. I was really trying to go cover to cover, but now I'm conflicted. Should I take another day, skim through the pictures and return it tomorrow? Or should I just return it today and put myself back on the waiting list? Sigh...I should probably return it today because people are waiting for it. Then I can at least go through the pictures at my leisure next time, right? I just hesitate to let go of it because I waited so long for it to begin with!

My DH found this site, Oobject, on one of his vintage bike sites. It is fabulous! It's just chock full of photos of amazing things, organized by (sometimes wacky and imaginative) categories. Like, for example, Bubble Cars. And they usually have little tidbits of information to share in each category, like, Founding Fathers' Invention Myths. It's a fun little site.
Speaking of my DH, look at the grocery list he gave me the other day:

Pretty cute, huh? Yes, that says "Elephant (to ride)." He and Rexy were making that list together and that was her contribution.
OMG - if you don't already read Yarn Harlot's blog, you'll have to go visit this entry about her caffeine nightmare! She is sooooooooooo hilarious! You don't have to be a knitter to appreciate her. I love her writing and I don't think my once-yearly scarf knitting experience qualifies me as a bona fide "knitter."
Lastly, guess what??? I sold four paintings on Tuesday! And, as soon as I figure out the shipping cost to Canada, another one will sell today or tomorrow! Yippee! Plus, 2 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings, and 5 cards! Hurray! I know I should be able to just find satisfaction in the process of creating things, but I have to say the validation of selling something is pretty sweet. Don't you think?

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glimmering prize said...

Congrats on the sale laurie! that's pretty cool!
the shopping list made me LOL!

Love the elephant!