Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Chanukah, night 8

This is the last freebie image gifted to you in honor of Chanukah. Please enjoy!

Well, I didn't think about this being so "madonna and child" - ish. But it's image 8, so there you go. I thought it was a sweet picture. Look at that tiny hand! Sniff, sniff. Reminds me of my baby when she really was a baby.

Please copy and use this image in your art, commercial or otherwise. Please do not resell the image itself as your own.


The Bag Lady's Art said...

The pictures are lovely Laurie! I will let you know when I use them so you can see what I did with these images. Thank you!!! Merry Christmas, you should be getting a little suprise in the mail shortly. Have a GREAT day.

Gina2424 said...

Hi Laurie- thanks for all the images! I left you a comment at artists and poets, but I will be blogging about that group and ZNE verses and adding some of my poetry on my blog soon, so please come see. Congrats to you for being featured! What a wonderful journal and wonderful words!
PS- Are you acquainted with artsymama- Kari of MN?

Judy said...

Hi Laurie,
Well what an amazing thing to do! I am, as you may know Jewish and I think it is awesome that you posted all those lovely images celebrating it. I too like the second spelling with the 'Ch' its funny trying to get Michael to pronounce it - i wont get into how we all tell him to do that.
have a Happy Holiday and a happy New Year.