Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Chanukah, night 3

This is fun for me, too! I planned this giveaway last week and I can't remember what photos I put in the folder. When the "your image has been uploaded" message pops up with a thumbnail, it's a surprise!

I downloaded the camera today and there's a couple cute pictures of Rexy in the snow but I haven't cropped them, etc., yet. I'll post one soon. (Hopefully you're all as fascinated with her cuteness as I am, because those pictures will just keep coming...sorry, proud mommy.)

I'm just in love with my Secret Sister/Santa gift that I'm working. I hope it turns out. As soon as she receives it I will post a picture. The only thing I can tell you is that it is a piece of jewelry that incorporates altered art. I can't post what I made for my sister, either, because she stops by here, too. Geez! It's hard not to share. As soon as I finish what I'm doing for my cousin I will post pictures of that, she doesn't know I have a blog. I am making her a triptych using Kelly Rae's technique. I got these great, skinny, little canvases that I'm using for a decent price. I got so many I think I will post some in my Etsy store.

Due to the inclement weather we had last weekend (you might have heard that the Pacific NW got a little rain...) we couldn't go get our Christmas tree. We're going this Sunday, though. My aunt and uncle actually have a Christmas tree farm and it's really great. They've restored an old hop barn and painted it bright, barn red. It looks like one third of this building - only bigger. I hope that makes sense. I don't have a picture of their place, I'll take one this weekend. Anyway, my aunt has set up a Christmas and antique store inside the barn, as well as a flocking and wreath station. They also have several antique sleighs that they use for displays. It's really adorable. It's actually heated by a pot bellied stove! People come from miles around to go to their farm, it's a family tradition for a lot of people. Cars line the road leading up to the driveway and the parking lot is always packed. They usually have to close well before Christmas day so as not to overfarm. It's really fun and full of holiday spirit.

The capper is the train they use to take people around the farm to cut their trees. They have a real, people-sized, working train; although it's probably the tiniest people-sized train you could get. The engine is just big enough for one person and on the weekends that person is my 91 year-old grandfather. He gets frozen and stiff but he will not quit running the train. He loves it. He loves seeing the kids get all excited about it. I think he also loves the whole toy aspect to it - he's playing with a really big toy train!

This is a picture of him holding Rexy in the engine when she was just 10 months old. I don't have a more recent picture like it because the next year the autism had started showing up and she was, and is, afraid of the loud noise it makes. (Frankly, she doesn't look too enthusiastic in this photo, does she?) Last year we couldn't get her even near it. I have hopes for this year, though, she's gotton so much better with this therapy. I know my grandfather would like another picture of them in the train.

Well, I'd better stop now. I have to get up early, I'm chaperoning a field trip tomorrow!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Eccentricities Studio said...

Hello Laurie!!!

I really enjoyed your photos ... and I especially love the one of your grandfather holding Rexy. :) That's priceless ...

I wanted to come by to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and send along my best wishes for a fabulous 2008, too. I did post some pics from my trip ... and a few our my Christmas decorations, too.

With you and yours a blessed holiday!!!


Barone said...

You are a generous spirit...I giggled when I read you are not Jewish..a wonderful way to celebrate and honor all of us, Jewish or not. I added the link to this blog on the artists and poets site,
It is still in developement but will hopefully be a warm and welcome place to share friendship, creations and explorations amongst the artists and poets on ZNE group. Would you like to select some pieces to put on the site? Is there a piece that uses words and images? Also, any feedback, thoughts, ideas are exuberantly accepted. I am glad you joined the artists and poets on zne group and delighted to visit your blog as well.
jodi barone