Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a Festival of Felt!

Could these felt things be any cuter???
The snowmen were made for a swap last Christmas by Kristin Strandlund, she took this adorable picture before she mailed them off. I think the picture alone could be a Christmas card. It's just priceless.
Who wouldn't want to adopt one of these?

These charming critters were made for the same swap by Bethany Mann, aka Bitter Betty . The dachshund in the beret is my favorite, it just kills me.

These two are just so sweet, and doesn't she photograph them beautifully? I love the broken ornaments in this picture. They totally remind of Christmas decor from my childhood. Only better!

This gal is a hoot. Note the cigarette in the mouth of the "punk rock" deer.

Sadly she can't sell these pets as they are the copyrighted design of someone else. She is open to trades, however.

BUT! She does have an Etsy store and look what I bought! She has more of the birds on the left, in different colors, but you'll have to ask about the owls if you're interested. I didn't see any in her store just now. I'm just thrilled. I bought the owl sight unseen. This is a picture of some she had made before. There's also a picture on her blog of more owls and other things.

Speaking of felt and yarn - have you guys ever checked out Linda's blog or Etsy store for her hand-spun yarn? Wow! It's awesome and she's just a spinning maniac. It amazes me, how much she gets done. She makes me want to take up those knitting needles again, but I've sworn not to add any more crafts to my world!!! .....Okay, you can all pick your laughing selves up off the floor now. We all know how futile that declaration is...

And speaking of craft addictions - um, I mean, fondness - I got a fantastic idea for my Secret Santa gift exchange recipient. And of course I didn't have all the supplies and so had to go supply shopping today - yippee! I managed to keep my purchases to about $25 total - and that's going to three different stores!!! I'm pretty sure that's gold-medal-worthy self control. Anyway, I'd tell you more - but then it wouldn't be a secret! When I know that she's safely received it I will post a picture.

Thanksgiving #2 on Sunday was great. It was spent with the loud, rowdy side of the family and was fun and silly and loud. Have I mentioned they're loud? Oh geez, I guess I have to say "we're" loud. (I am not exactly known for my shyness.) Since I've already got a long post here I will simply say that I am thankful that they don't change and really, really thankful to have them in my life. Thank you Blaus and Ammans, you guys are in the dictionary under "family," poking the next word with a stick and offering it a cocktail at the same time....love you.


Eccentricities Studio said...

Hi Laurie!!!

Oh girl, we have a "LOUD" side, too ... and a quiet, reserved side. Need I say ... I'm from the "LOUD" batch of kin. *giggle*

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving ... and OMG I'm in LOVE with your little felt snowmen! Those are just too stinkin' CUTE!!! Wanna part with one? Just kidding ...

I hope you have a wonderful day ... and enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

How fun is Ur blog! I tell ya, each time I visit I'm in for a real treat! xo, Monica

The Bag Lady said...

Hey L.A.B.!
Your blog looks GREAT! Very festive. Did you do your own banner? I had to have help resizing mine for etsy. Let me know your deep, dark, banner secrets....hahaha! I am doing an arts and crafts fair tomorrow. YIKES! How come when you sign up it seems like you will have loads of time??? I spent week before last with Justin breaking his wrist, ER, specialists, surgery, $14,000+ I'm still in shock, thank God for insurance. Thanksgiving week in WA with family, and came back with a nice little sinus infection that I've had all week. Ugh! But all my loot is loaded and ready to head out at 6:00am, woo-hoo!
Chat more later!

Sam I Am said...

oh my goshhhhhhh the lil reindeer is adorable!!!!!! i soooo wanna be a kid again! lol