Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you a Betty?

Definition of a Betty:

Betty is a fun slang term for an attractive women - perhaps timeless - and being attractive doesn't just come from what you see on the outside...She loves to meet people, see new things and tries to make a small difference in the world as she goes. Betty believes beauty can be seen on the inside as well as the outside and doing things to cultivate both truly makes a person beautiful. You can't be a "Betty" and not give back to others.

(click on the picture to get the details of Betty's adventures and altruism)

I love this! Years ago (Gah! It's been more than ten years!) I had a friend, Michele (yes, the aforementioned one), that would call up all the girlfriends when she had a crisis and the conversation would go something like this, "Laurie? Betty session. STAT. The Cloud Room at 7 o'clock. See you there." What would follow would be a nice evening of cocktails and womanly support (and maybe a little bitching...).

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Liisa said...

Oh, how I miss miss miss the Cloud Room! I even miss the elevator. Wonder if I ever saw you there...

And I came out a Veronica, although the description at the end sort of surprised me. Maybe I'm Archie.

Happy Thanksgiving! Liisa

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Well I'm a Betty for sure!

Thanks for posting about FLAT Betty and snagging a button! Living out loud is completely a "Betty" thing to do. ;)

Eccentricities Studio said...

Oh Laurie, I'm so glad you could come by my blog for a little visit. :) I'm glad you enjoy reading about ME and not just my ART. ;) The Cloud Room sounds GREAT ... I have those days.

Loved the quiz, I'm a Betty, too ... but BF with Veronica (most days, LOL).

Say, I'm having a Christmas Gift-Away at my blog ... wanna stop to see?

Sending you LOVE and Hugs ... and kisses for Ms. Rexy, too!