Sunday, October 28, 2007

Who me? In a Creative Snit???

The fabulous and sweet Jan Thomason awarded me the

(definitions courtesy of Lennea)

"Unlike many other blogging awards, THIS award requires much thoughtful deliberation and strict adherence to the following CREATIVE SNIT AWARD criteria.

This award shall be presented only to worthy artists who have shown evidence of being in a creative snit.To help with the selection, we need a common frame of reference.

I found this definition of snit:
snit; noun; a state of agitated irritation; "he was in a snit"

However, I think a CREATIVE SNIT requires a somewhat different defintion:

Creative Snit; noun; a state of creative chaos, creative frustration, or a state of obsessive creativity: "she was in a creative snit."

Therefore, worthy recipients of this prestigious award should demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

1) photos of their chaotic creative studio spaces (see my blog for example)

2) reports of staying up till the wee hours of the morning while consuming large amounts of coffee and or chocolate in order to finish a swap or prepare for a show

3) documented frustration over the creative process

4) evidence of a large quantity of art created over a small period of time

5) photos of the recipient at vendor night at any art retreat ( it goes without saying that ALL attendees at such events are either in or will soon be in a creative snit)AND FINALLY

6) ( created especially for Jan) witnessing the recipient in a SNIT at a CREATIVE EVENT!"

I'm not sure that Jan even knew about the time I stayed up all night trying to finish a magazine submission! (Or the one-hour of sleep night, or the 2-hours of sleep night, or...) She has seen pictures of my far from neat workspace - that I'm currently not working in! Hence the documentation of frustration over my creative process. If I haven't hit all the points yet (haven't been to an art retreat), I'm sure I will someday!

I hereby award the following:

Not everyone here has necessarily shown public evidence of having been in a Creative Snit, but I feel the kindred spirit through the internet connection. I'm sure they all have been in Creative Snits at one time or another.
There is no requirement for awarding this prize to others. You can if you wish and you can award as many as you wish.


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Laurie I"ve been so busy I missed my award!! LOL Thanks! I've definitely had my share of Creative Snits! Your Rexy is so cute! I also didn't know I had to turn on my Guest Book in my store and just figured that out today! Gosh, sometimes I'm such a doof! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on the store. I'll have to send you a picture to go with the link to my store. LOVE the music on your blog, I wouldn't even think of turning it down. ;-)

Lilly*s of London*ish said...

You are so funny! Thank you so much for the honor- I will accept in light of the "obsessive" part!! I also will fix my random arts address- thanks for the heads up!

Dana said...

Oh my goodness ... this is SO fun!!! Thank you, Laurie ... I've been so busy lately ... but you can bet your bottom dollar that I've had my fair share of Creative Snits, LOLOL! How fun ... and thanks so much for the award and coming by my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful day ... Happy Halloween!!! ;o)


Brandie said...

Hi Laurie!

Watch my blog as a candidate for this award... I have a Christmas Fair coming up Dec. 1. I plan on some late nights and early mornings... To bad I still have that day job!

Thank you so much for your comments on my step-dad's post... It is such a process... I wish I lived closer to my mom, but I talk to her everyday, just to make sure she is okay. Your words meant a lot. Thank you

Brandie :)

Lilly*s of London*ish said...

Laurie- here's an email from a male work friend of mine- thought you'd enjoy it! "if laurie blaumeister's blog (she, of the creative snit award fame) can have miles davis songs from Kind of Blue, why can't yours? I may have to spend more of my time on her blog...."
By the way, I changed all my music- but not to his liking!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Hey, Laurie, glad to see that you felt deserving of the Snit Award! Just wanted to let you know that I love the new look of your blog - great banner!
I recently changed the look of my blog, too, and have really enjoyed the change.
Could it be because I/we have been in a . . . . . snit??? LOL

The Bag Lady said...

Hey L.A.B., thanks for nominating me! Check out my blog for my acceptance speech, haha! I'm in a HUGE snit right now, I'm doing a Christmas show DEC 1st, haven't done one in years, but I decided to go ahead. I forgot how much work goes in to it. I messed with my blog today and did a new banner so go check it out and let me know what you think. Way to go Roxy! Next she's going to want her own etsy store...