Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes, I've gone Halloween!

I'm trying to get in gear for Halloween. I'm just starting to make Halloween art (I know I'm way behind some other people in that arena.) and I'm planning on getting Rexy into the spirit of it this year. She hasn't really been interested before, but I think she's old enough now.

I'm working on a shrine using my cute little skeleton that I got at the Stamp convention a few months ago and an old cigar box that we found in the shed at my grandmother's house when we were cleaning it out last winter. There were about 9 million extremely rusty things in it and I had to clean out a lot of pulverized-by-rust metal dust. The top was hanging on by a little 1/4 inch of paper, I decided to just help it off the rest of the way. The brand of cigars is El Sidelo and underneath the brand name is the word "Lily." Which seems appropriate for the subject matter.
Speaking of Halloween, my friend Liisa Mannery found this site full of Halloween fonts - check it out!

My girl started school on Tuesday. I cried all the way home after dropping her off - and then I had a little alone-time party! I'm never in the house alone except when she's at school. It's supposed to be my time to work out, but the lure of being completely alone is strong. She looked so cute in her new school clothes. I tried to take a picture but someone (could his initials be DH?) forgot to charge the camera battery after he used it last. I got one picture from extremely far away and then it died. I'm having a hard time getting a feel for this teacher, I can't tell if she's truly a nice person or not. Her teacher last year was extremely nice and very affectionate towards the kids. This one seems to have something going on under the surface, like a buried anger. It makes me nervous. Am I crazy to think like this?

Here's my question: Is this guy a delinquent because he's eaten doughnuts - or because he's been deprived of doughnuts? Please answer in the poll at right!
(Note: Poll is now closed - doughnut deprivation won!)
(Image courtesy of Stella Mars)
(And, can I just point out that I have, over the last couple years, emailed many people to ask if I could use their copyrighted images for one reason or another and the kind Stella was the first person ever to grace me with a reply - and an affirmative one at that! I urge you check out her website - very fun - and even consider purchasing! I promise I don't know her personally.)

Hey all you ZNE members! (And potential members) Have you joined the new ZNE network? It's a great site that gives you huge amounts of photo room, a blog if you want, and a great forum full of ZNE members! Plus a lot of other stuff, I haven't really explored the whole thing yet. If you're interested in being a part of ZNE's mixed media online group, visit our original website to join, then come on over to the network and make some fabulous new friends!


Lilly*s of London*ish said...

ZNE-ers are so nice:
Leaving friendly blog postings.
Thanks! Have a great day!

Dana said...

Hi Laurie!!!

With the cooler weather here, I've gone Halloween, too and I'm just ITCHING to get some of my studio unpacked so I can dabble in some art. ;o) What a cute little skeleton.

Hope you are well ... and Rexy, too! ;o)