Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bicycles and Potty Training, sigh...

Yikes, I’ve been completely absent from the art and blogging world. Things have been wild here at our house. We’re in a frenzy of activity getting ready for the Vintage Bicycle Concours. Plus, I’m trying to keep the blog for the Concours, too. Well, I’m trying to work with my DH on it. We’re both a little opinionated and can’t always agree on what picture to use or even on grammar!

On top of that, we’re potty training!!! Woo hoo!!! I was disheartened for a while. It looked like it might be a repeat of our failed attempt 6 months ago. Things are looking up, though. I’ve resorted to bribery. She gets a small prize for being dry and a big prize for using the potty. (I’ve pretty much cleaned out the dollar store and Archie McPhee of all the $1 or less items) Well, she’s really into the prizes – whew! I don’t know how we’re going to make the transition from a schedule to communicating a need to go. More prizes? How do I stop? Will I still be giving her prizes for this when she’s 19 years old???

Oh, btw, it was Pam Carriker’s birthday on the 27th of July. Stop by her blog and wish her a happy one!

Artistically, I’m at a standstill. I can’t seem to find 5 minutes to get anything done. I still haven’t posted my design team project for July in the ZNE gallery – although partly that’s because there was some weird glitch with uploading the pictures and I didn’t want to post a miniscule picture – I never did post my last ZNE Book club project either, and it turned out pretty well, too. I don’t know when I’m going to get the August Design Team project done! Maybe this weekend...

I know, I know, I could be doing that now! But this is just a quickie before I go design and order the prize ribbons for the concours. I’ll be glad when August is over...


Anonymous said...

Ugh..the infamous potty-training. I feel for you. Been there, done thought. They say that girls are easier than boys, though, so Good Luck!!

I've been in a slump creating artwork, too. It seems that a lot of people are going through the same thing right now. Maybe it's a summer thing!

Altered Kat said...

Hey Laurie!
I happen to think you and your blog rock!...There's a new movement called "Rockin' Girl Bloggers" and by posting the logo you let the world know that someone thinks you rock!

Go to my blogspot and it check out!...grab the logo and rock someone's world!

Hope all is well!
Kat :o)

Once Upon A Notion said...

Hey Laurie - can you come up here on I-5 and help me potty train Anna?

Drop by my blog, I nominated you for something fun!


Dana said...

Hi Laurie!!!

Oh girl ... you and I must be living on the same "expressway" in life right now. I can't seem to find 5 minutes for myself, either ... and I'm so missing my time in my studio. I'm just *stuck* but I have so many things I'd like to be creating right now. I guess I need to get the notebook back out and at least be sketching all these ideas down for **WHEN** life slows down. ~smile~

Ahh ... the wonderful world of potty training. I just went through it last summer with TWO boys. Yes, two. They're not twins, but similar in developmental age and it was a LONG summer. We tried bribes ... had a tub of plastic dinosaurs and hot wheels cars. We tried jumping up and down and CLAPPING and CHEERING when we used the potty successfully. We tried everything. TIME was what it took. The prizes worked for a while but they just gradually lost interest in those. Not to worry ... I don't think Rexi will be looking for a prize for too long, LOL!!! ;o)

I now have a 2 1/2 year old girl who's showing some interest. Oh help me ... I'm not ready to go there again. *giggle* We have the "Princess Potty" ... but I think I'll wait until AFTER the move to get serious about using it.

Have fun with your adventures!!!


Lily Pepper said...

"Artistically, I’m at a standstill. I can’t seem to find 5 minutes to get anything done."
This just about sums up my life right now too! Not to add to your already hectic schedule but I just stopped by to let you know you've been tagged. Stop by my blog http://www.lilypepperprimitives.com for more info.