Friday, August 31, 2007

4 in One Week!

The Station Agent was on IFC yesterday- OMG I love that movie! Definitely a must-see if you haven't already. Even though I'd already seen it I couldn't help watching it.

What a day. My DH and I found some beautiful, vintage, barkcloth drapes a while back and boy, did we think we were lucky! Until we discovered that they harbored clothes moths! Yuck! We've been infested! Rexy and I made ourselves scarce most of the day and DH moved tons of stuff out of the bedroom and bombed it, tried to air it out, and moved some stuff back in. He's exhausted. He had to move stuff out because a) it's our main storage area in this small house and a lot of excess furniture and boxes needing dry storage are stashed in it; and b) because the room is so small the bomb would have splashed liquid chemical as apparently there is some liquid spurting that occurs along with the fogging. Ewwwwwwwww. Way more than I ever wanted to learn about bug bombs. Anyway, the room still smells like chemicals now, at 11:30pm, so we're sleeping in the living room (where I slept last night because of the moths). My DH is asleep on the couch and was insisting that I wake him up when I want to sleep and he will move to the floor so that I can sleep on the couch. No chance of that, he was so tired from moving everything that I think he should just stay there. I'll be making the chair my bed tonight. Poor guy, he's had a rough week.

On a lighter note - have any of you mothers had the dirty blanket issue? You know, their prescious blank-ey? When it's hard to get it washed because it's so loved? Rexy doesn't tote hers everywhere, but she always know where her blanket and Babo are. (Babo is her plush friend in the picture - aka an Ugly Doll) Well, today I was going to do some laundry and Rexy found her blanket in the basket and pulled it out. I told her that I was going to wash it and could she please put it back. Well, she looked at me very earnestly and said, "No wash! No wash blanket!" Then she put it to her nose and took a giant whiff, "It smells good! No wash! It smells good!" (Believe me, it really doesn't.) She lost that argument. If I want to wash Babo I have to be really, really sneaky about it. Babo usually gets his bath when the therapists are here and Rexy is distracted.
Okay, it's 12:25 - early for me - and I'm falling asleep at the computer! Must go sleep on the chair now! Goodnight everyone.


Manastash said...

1. I love, love, love The Station Agent.

2. My 5 year old just finally released his death grip on his blankey. There is not much blankey left. It is is the rattiest, most snarled ex-crocheted snaggle of yarn you ever did see. I wouldn't dare wash it. It would never make the cut.

Rexy's snuggle love is at least in one piece. So you've got that to be thankful for.

Lilly*s of London*ish said...

Thanks for the comment Laurie- you are famous! What an honor! I've seen your blog before and seen your items published, so I am thrilled. BTW, my daughter just turned 24 and still has a piece of her blankie in her bed at all times. It is beyond hope for washing because I fear it will shrivel to pieces, and hey, it's her bed and she is 24 and has a boyfriend, and if he doesn't think she is weird, then who am I?