Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's almost 1:30am - what am I doing up? (version 1)

Well, I thought I would post something quick...until I couldn't get myself logged in! 30 minutes later and here I am. As usual, I should be in bed and I'm on my 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th...) wind.

The inspiration for this post, originally, was an email I received today from If you haven't checked it out yet, try it! It's such a great idea. Essentially, when you have a book that you have read and enjoyed but no longer want, you release it "into the wild." You register your book on their website and receive a number. You include the number on a note that you post in or on the book with a request that the finder of the book register the fact that they have found it and their thoughts on the book if they have read it. Then you take the book with its note (and it is recommended that you put a post-it with "FREE" on it on the cover) and set it somewhere where someone will find it. Coffee shop, park bench, bus seat, one guy stuck a book in a ziplock and floated it in a fountain!

Anyway, I loved the concept and as soon as I learned of the site - about 9 months ago - I got out some books, registered, and released them...And no one has registered that the books were found. I decided that it's all about volume. So then I gathered a whole box of books to release...and I am currently using that box as a footstool underneath my desk! So I got this email today and I read the newsletter and browsed around and I am newly inspired. I've decided to register and label all the books and stick the box in my car. Then I will just take a book from the box when I am running my regular errands and leave it somewhere.

If you want to visit their website:

In other news:

My house is a mess; a total, total mess! People are coming over Sunday night (Christmas Eve), I've got presents to wrap, a couple to buy, a cold to get over, a toddler to take care of, and MASSIVE amounts of crap to clean up...................ugh. (I will not be wrapping presents on Christmas day. I will not be wrapping presents on Christmas day. I will not be wrapping presents on Christmas Day. I will not...) Wish me luck.

I learned just today that during the giant windstorm we had last week my aunt and uncle had trees fall over in their yard and put 3 holes in their roof - and one in the ceiling right above their bed! Luckily they were out of town. Very lucky, in fact. They were on their way home from east of the mountains and got turned away at the pass - it was closed because of the storm. They were sleeping in a motel in Ellensburg instead of in their own bed when the big tree fell on their house. Phew.

Well, it's nearly 2am now and I think I may be fading.

'till next time,

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