Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Approaching Christmas

My Inaugural Blog

Well, it’s my first blog entry and I’m already over-thinking it. It just took me ten minutes to decide on a font. I don't like any of my choices, I want something fancier, and of course none of them are quite right. The story of my life. Maybe instead of “Live out Loud,” my words to live by should be “Just do it, for crying out loud!”

I’ve been sick for days and there’s no end in sight. Hard to believe I went years without catching a cold. Now that Rexy’s in school I seem to be catching everything– - even more than she is. It’s put me a little behind……...well, that and the giant wind storm we had last week. (We were lucky, though, we only went a day without power. Some poor people won’t get power until Christmas –- and it’s freezing out there.) We just got the tree up on Sunday and the lights on it last night. Tonight I put the tree skirt around it and the glass bead garlands on it. At this rate we should have it decorated by Friday! Our new tree skirt is adorable! It’s made entirely of felt and is red with dark green, chartreuse and hot pink circles –- and white dingle ball trim! Super cute!

Rexy was so thrilled with the Christmas tree. She must have repeated the words “Christmas tree!” a hundred times. Well, okay... It sounds more like, "Twistmas Twee!" She keeps scooting up next to it like someone is telling her to “get in closer” for a picture. I have no idea why. Tonight she was on her knees in front of it, sniffing and going, "Ahhhhhhhhh." She's so sweet.

I haven't done a single creative thing for days. I think it's the cold. All my grand plans for homemade gifts have gone awry. I'm thinking I just need to get complete about my artistic block and clean things up so that we can actually use the dining room table over the holidays. Now where will I put all that stuff?

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