Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Name in Print! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!

My publisher's copy came this week!  Soooooooooo exciting!  It's hard to believe it's a reality for me, I can't imagine how Pam must be feeling!   

And they really didn't edit what I wrote much, although I haven't checked it against the original that I sent them yet.  It seems to be what I remember writing!  I'm pretty sure it's shorter, but that's a good thing!  I am a "why not make a long story longer?" type of storyteller!

They used two of the three pieces that I sent them, the 3rd piece that they didn't use was different stylistically than the rest of the book.

Oh, let's take a look at that name in print again...

Still exciting!

To buy a copy signed by Pam, go here or to get an unsigned copy go here.


ArtSnark said...

Happy Dancing for you! Congrats


Sharing your joy, sweetie!