Sunday, July 4, 2010

At Last! Take That, Artistic Paralysis!

Look!  Actual beginnings!  Of actual artwork!  Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition...or something like that...  I just love artwork that involves poppies and it just so happens that Somerset Studio has a call for a "Poppies" theme.  Just the incentive I needed.  I've wanted to try doing some poppies for a long time.  I've also wanted to get back on the horse and try getting published again and there's a nice, long lead time until the deadline.  (August 15th)  Typically I forget to look at the calls often enough and then when I do, I've already missed the deadlines of the subjects I like the most. (A touch of self-sabotage, perhaps?)  I'm even making a few ACEOs since they're always asking for small format items.

I say "get back on the horse" but I guess I misspoke, since that implies that I "fell off" or got rejected.  The reality is that I've never tried again since the first time I got published.  Why?  Too chicken!  So silly, I know.  The only way I was able to do it that time was because Pam and I were doing it together for the first time and I knew she was counting on me to send mine in, too.  Without her, I would have totally lamed out.

Anyway, I told the ladies on the Melange Team forum that I would post pictures of the terrible state that my art supply world is in.  Typically, I used a table in the corner of the dining room to work and I stored supplies on one wall, plus in another corner.  Well, we rearranged the dining room and moved all my supplies to one side and I was suddenly overwhelmed by chaos.  That was six months ago and I haven't done a lick of artwork since.

You can see that my paints have been buried under a myriad of things.  And these pictures don't even do justice to the height of the piles on this little table!  I don't dare show you the whole area or you'll be calling "Hoarders" for sure!

This is the table at which I usually work.  As you can see it is somewhat otherwise occupied.  It's a nice spot, though.  A big window with lots of light streaming in, a daylight lamp, some convenient shelves right at my elbow...too bad I can't even get to it!  (Let alone work at it.)  The little workspace you see in the picture at the top of the post is the tiny bit of space I get at the computer desk if I push the keyboard as far back as I can.  It's so small a space that I can only put an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper on its side and even then one  of the corners hangs off the edge a bit.

Still, I'm so happy to have gotten something started!  I'll report back as I go along...


Jo Archer said...

I've been just the same Laurie, but this w/e I've had a bit of a creative frenzy. (Think I'm burnt out again now!)

However, I feel better knowing that your workspace is even worse than mine! Keep up the good work.

whyte said...

Laurie, for some reason I obtained a sick enjoyment out of snooping through your stash... my worktable looks just like that, but I need a soldering iron and the $1.25. Coffee replaces herbal tea, and please, can I have that wonderful window?! I'm glad you're BACK and loving your comment about self-sabotage, ok soooo that's we we call it!

Midwestie Lady - Linda said...

Oh Laurie, you are so brave to post your chaos! Good for YOU! No secrets any more. I'm like Pat, I love that big window. So glad that you are back holding your brushes again...with paint on them! Good luck with the Poppy Challenge. And welcome back!!

Rose said...

Oh dear that's the shape my workspace is in right now too! Want to start cleaning and organizing but I have these ideas running through my head of new things to try!
Thanks for sharing sometimes it's nice to know that you're not alone in this creative world!

ArtSnark said...

When did you sneak in & take photos of my space - LOL - actually mine is much worse

And I am a big chicken on submitting too..

So glad to hear that you are creating again - I need to get doing something - my latest dry spell has been long.

Today I had a guest blogger who is an artist & MD. She wrote about creativity & health - very timely piece for me