Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My child gave me the plague again... back soon.


Judy said...

Hope it is not the black variety!

sherry smyth said...

My sympathies!!! I've just been calling this a "viral thing" but I love the "plague" son gave me mine. We should be grateful for such giving children!!! Be well!!

slommler said...

Sorry you are feeling poorly Laurie. Hope by now you have begun to perk up. I wanted to stop by and tell you that I nominated you for the "A Lovely Blog Award". Just stop by when you feel up to is and let me know if you will accept this award.
Be well

PCarriker said...

Oh, I am so sorry you are sick! Get better before Christmas!!! I received my gift/and the book. I just love it, thank you so much! I posted some pics on my blog, when you feel better go and take a peek:-)

TiffanyJane said...

Hi Laurie! Oh gosh, I sure hope your feeling better sooooon!!! I just got over a week long cold {I think I gave it to my mom :( See, even at 37, we never out grow passing germs to our parents! :)
Happy Holidays!!!
xo Tiffany

Sam I Am said...

oh i hope you're over the 'plague' and back to feeling better and ready for christmas presents :)
Merry Christmas!