Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still Trying to Get into the Groove...

At last! I am finally getting the houses I received in the Row House Swap posted! I want to thank all the ladies who participated and, again, Jeri of Artful Gathering for hosting. It was great fun and introduced me to a format that I'm now in love with.

The ladies from whom I got houses are:

Virginia Madison
Chelise Stroud Hery
Ellen Gray
Elaine Akers
Barbara Hagerty
Lydia Hildebrandt
Jan Love
Susie Cazier
Linda Findley
Mary Wagner
Liane Ceglar

Thanks again for your beautiful work!

I joined another Etsy Street Team - well, I joined it months ago but then didn't do anything with it. I just recently got more actively involved in it, which led me to sign up for a show & sale. I'm a little nervous, I haven't done a show since Rexy was a baby!

Anyway, so now I'm trying to build up my paltry inventory like mad! I went through my jewelry inventory and decided I didn't like half of it. I've set it aside to either take apart to use the components or to put on a "clearance" table at the sale. I've sketched out 3 or 4 canvasses and just have to start putting paintbrush to paint. I redesigned my business card and I'm trying to decide between two versions. I still have to print and cut a supply of them. I'm still redesigning my jewelry cards and price tags - which I will then have to print and cut out, too. I can do my jewelry display setup in my sleep (I used to do this a lot) - I'm still pretty happy with its design - but I have never had to display canvasses and shrines before and I'm racking my brain trying to come up with an attractive idea that I can haul around by myself.

I'm a member of a group called Marmalade Pink. It's a fantastic, supportive group and I thought I'd share some member's products with you:

I was so thrilled to hear from Dana, formerly of Eccentricities Studio, the other day. I had been wondering where she went. It turns out she was regrouping and opening up a new store! And wow! It's a beauty! I can't wait to try one of everything. She's also destashing and selling some of her primitive products and supplies in a different store.

Dana's fabulous soap and sundries store:

Dana's Primitive supplies and products destash store:

So yesterday I left my sweet, pretty, angelic 4yo alone in the bathroom - we're practicing going alone. She was drawing a "story" in her drawing pad with a purple marker. (She's particularly fond of drawing stories about "Rexy going to school" which is breaking my heart right now because we just had the last day of school and the reality of what that means hasn't sunk in with her yet. She just keeps thinking she will see her best friends, Imad and CeeCee, tomorrow.) When I went back in she was leaning over with her face in her lap.

"Are you okay, honey?"

She looked up at me with a beautific grin - and a plum sized circle of purple over her right eye...and more purple on her neck...and her chest...and the fronts and backs of both hands...and completely covering her legs from knee to hip! GROAN...........and you know what? Washable markers stop being washable when they're applied ten layers deep. So the marks have faded to a nice fuschia-violet color - but they're still there. Oh, man...


Rosie said...

You know, the fading to fuschia made me grin!! My DD had a habit of sneaking into the bathroom to forage for nail scissors... and then cutting her own hair. Oh what joy! I did scrap the worst photograph of her last year though, just 10 years after the event! You should've seen her face - hahaha! I call it poetic, parental justice!
I'm off to see Dana's stores now! ;-]
Oh and BTW, weren't the Row Houses awesome?!

Linda Manning Findley said...

The Houses look great ..... sure was a fun swap ..... Linda F

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

PICTURES!! I want pictures of Rexy in purple/fushia!

i'm excited about you doing a show - i wish i could come and be a support to you. you'll do so well, i know it:)

i just listed about a million new things in my etsy store.
i lost about a gazillion brain cells doing it all at once.

off to bed. my book is calling:)

love you,
xoxo, jan

oh, need your birthday and your mailing address.
those rumors you've heard about me being a stalker are just that - rumors.


Kerry and Rachel said...

I love the row houses. what a neat format!
Great story about Rexy. Hope you took pictures for the memory book.

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

i came to your blog to see if you've been as busy as i have been and you have.
that's why we haven't heard from each other in ages.
by october i should be back to normal (no cracks) as the two art retreats i've committed to will be over.

i think the story about the marker and rexy is precious.

hope you're taking care of yourself.
i really have missed you!

xoxo, jan