Friday, January 11, 2008

Award Day!

The first award is "The Daily Dose," those blogs that you want to visit every day; That you can't wait to see the next entry from.

I got this award from Dana, so I guess I can't give it to her - but she's definitely a daily stop for me. I'm awarding this to:
1. Gina at Lily's of Londonish (She's so prolific - there's something new on her blog every day)

2. Suzan at The Thrifty Collage Artist (The work she does while watching Gilmore Girls - wow)

3. Judy at Red Velvet Creations (prepare to have your breath taken away)

4. Kat at Altered Kat

The next award is the "You Make My Day" award. Isn't it nice that in this blog world there is someone who makes your day almost every day?

I got this award from Kat, check out her blog and her store, and also from Gina. So, I'm going to try to narrow this down...

1. Dana at Eccentricities Studio

2. Jodi at Wild Vines

3. Chel, Queen of ZNE (I'm pretty sure she already got this award - but she still makes my day quite frequently so I guess she gets it again!)

4. Pam at The Bag Lady's Art (who keeps giving me fantastic gifts even though I'm a deadbeat)

5. All the nice people who comment on my blog posts! It makes my day every time I check my email and see that someone has stopped by. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh! Newsflash! Jan Thomason of the Polka Dot Barn is back! After a series of serious and/or potentially fatal physical maladies she has rejoined the blogging world. Please stop by and say hello to her.


The Bag Lady's Art said...

Your welcome girlfriend!
Hugs, Pam

Eccentricities Studio said...

Awwwww ... Laurie! Thank you SO much. :) YOU have made MY day!!!

It's been a long but TRIUMPHANT one at our house.

My son, Seth, had his g-tube button removed (surgially) today after 5 years!!! It was SO huge, such a milestone. I took LOTS of pictures that I'll post to share in a day or two. He was SO brave.

Ooo and how FUN that Rexy and my Julian share a Valentine's birthday!! Julian will be 5. Am I correct that Rexy will be 4?

Have a WONDERFUL day, and THANK YOU again!


Jodi Barone said...

Thank you and I am honored that you listed me on the make my day award. Most of all, thank you for sharing yourself. Second most,thank you for alerting me to the other substantive, artful, heartful blogs, in addition to yours, ...the world grows closer with technology but also bigger. You are a wonderful guide.

Suzan said...

Laurie--Thank YOU so much!! I guess that I am going to have to stop slacking, and post EVERY DAY now!!!LOL.. Your wonderful!! Me.

Gina2424 said...

Wow- thank you! What a gorgeous and nice award! Yummy too! I try to keep it fresh. My blog has really changed my life due totally to the wonderful people I've met, like you! And all I hope to meet in person at an art event somewhere. Love your new header, too!

CresceNet said...

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Counting Your Blessings said...

Adventures of Elizabeth is starting to tiptoe back too. I'm always excited to see old friends back again. Has anybody heard from Julie at Nunnie's Attic? Blessings.. POlly