Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Speechless! (except for Haiku)

I was taking a look at Michael de Meng's blog and in it he mentions his girlfriend (who lives in Australia - what a commute!). So I checked it out. Her work is stunning. I truly am speechless in the face of it. You've got to check it out.

Pictured are a few tags I made for Halloween, I haven't punched the holes or added the tassels yet, obviously.

Most importantly...
Here are the Haiku entries so far:

Creating each day
The mind and hands join as one
A new piece is born

Friends think my art's nuts.
I say it's "altered," you putz.
Who needs friends? Got ZNE!

A-T-C for me.
A-C-E-O for me, too.
Can't think of a better gift!

Just want to make art.
There's no time to sleep at all.
Who needs sleep? Just art.

Wack-y Wed-nes-day
Word Warr-i-or here a-gain
Haiku, make me stop!

Woke with poems in head
Would much rather be in bed
Whose idea was this?!

all by Gina

something unwanted
nothing left for me to do
but change that somehow

by Lorraine
(you didn't leave your blog address!)

And there was Jan's hilarious not-really-a-Haiku:

Everyone that knows me
will tell you the truth.
I talk entirely too much
to use just five syllables on anything.

And here's another one from me:

Haiku happening
could it get any better?
Just more entries please!

(because I'm loving this!)

Wait! That wasn't about altered art! Hmmmmmm........

Altered art frenzy,
stay up until 3am,
wrecked, but satisfied.


Lilly*s of London*ish said...

Laurie-Have you gotten over to the new ZNE forum on NING yet? It works great!

izabella said...

love this post!

Yes, I too am an avid lover of Judy's art! my favorite so far is the elephant book, she is an amazing artist!!

you know we go to Seattle every summer, well actually Des Moines, but now we will be in Gig Harbor as most of the family moved over that way~ so we will have to hook up next summer!!

xo ~Bella

Judy said...

Thankyou so so much for your lovely words and for linking my blog - I truly feel very honoured and humbled that you took the time to do that.

Yes indeed - what a commute!Not pleasant at all really.